When I think of Katie’s practice, the first thought that comes to mind is- Katie Rays work is life changing- gentle yet empowering- her work on my spine has helped me in so many ways, I’m not sure where to begin. When I first saw Katie, I was not aware that my system was that wound up, tense and also that I was in a way moving through life accepting that my neck had become straight from many years of strenuous dance training and also stress. The way that I interacted with the world was one that was more on the defensive and guarded, in a way that I can see clearly today. Seeing Katie regularly for just about three months, I can not only see a difference, I can also feel a difference.

Her work has helped my spine, but more impact-fully, helped me find my center, helped me open up in a way I was not aware I could be. Now I can literally- just Be and also now move through the world with more ease and can make decisions from a much more relaxed place – positive changes to feel confident about. Much more than what I signed up for! This work is about transformation, about growth. If you are open to healing and moving forward in life, see Katie. Through this process, I have come to know that Katie is truly a healer in her own right.

Rose Y, Chicago IL

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