Preparing for our next Reorganization

Preparing for our next Reorganization

Going to your/our Next Level at New Day

Good day, New Day!

These days Amber and I, and the rest of the New Day team, have been discussing the what and the how of our next reorganization.  How can we reorganize to a higher level of function and efficiency to help practice members achieve the same?

To this end, we have been creating version 2.0 or our New Day mission statement.

Maybe it’s the rebel in me, but I always thought mission statements were some sort of bland creation of managers and consultants that was being forced upon me.  I thought it felt fake, contrived, and (worst of all) probably very corporate.

And hence, to that end, I had created a bland, status quo mission statement (very “chiropractic” and proper) when I opened New Day.  To this day, this bland mission statement is on the first page of our intake forms (I’m totally calling us out here)!

Revisiting this topic and wanting to create something that would help inspire us and you to our next level of reorganization, I got help from my New Day team to write the most inspiring and out of the box mission statement I possibly could (the most I could be inspiring and out of the box in 2 sentences, anyway).


“We connect individuals and families to a new experience of freedom, energy, and possibility. Through engaging in the New Day community, our clients are lifted up higher and are able to shine brighter for the world, lighting up others as they contribute to a greater global future.”

The concept of reorganization, according to Donny Epstein, creator of Network Care, involves a continued optimization and an affirmation of our ability to get better over time.  There is no limit of how much we can help people or how much our practice members lives, families, workplaces, and communities can improve through the process of engaging in Network Care and our New Day community.

And there is no upper level for us either as we look to serve you better!  We hope you’ll be open to some changes over the next few months to create a better experience for all of us at New Day, so that you can get better and better results in your life.

In the meantime, my top tips for preparing for YOUR next reorganization are:

  1. Have a vision.  You don’t necessarily need to have your own mission statement (though it might help).  But do focus on what you want in your body and in your life (feeling, results, etc), rather than focusing on what you don’t want.
  2. Be flexible.  You don’t know exactly how or when your leap forward will occur, but be open to guidance.
  3. Do your SRI! Stage 6 “Preparing for Resolution” is key.  Remember, change is coming through your body, and will come through your body to the extent that your nervous system is sufficiently organized.  Network Care and SRI are your best friends!
  4. Look around you.  The people and resources in your life now are there for a reason.  Are you using them to their utmost?  Before you go looking for the next new thing, use what you’ve been taught and gain the expertise of the people around you.

I’m feeling really energized about our new New Day mission statement and will have it in mind this week as I work with you at your sessions.  Let me know what you think of our mission by commenting below!

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