Priceless tool for becoming present– to use at New Day and beyond!

Priceless tool for becoming present– to use at New Day and beyond!



Do you know your “triad”?


Good morning, New Day!  Hope you can warm up this day a little bit from where you are!

At our recent Bright Souls Gathering– a regularly held gathering for leaders in the New Day community– we had an energy-rich discussion about “How to prepare for your care.”  (And you can read my complete recap if you missed it here)

We discussed this topic from several different angles, with some experiencing in SRI to help us as well.  One of the topics that was most interesting to our practice member Bright Souls is the idea of the Triad.

Donny Epstein, creator of Network Spinal and SRI, is known for creating a number of concepts around the care to help both the practitioner and the practice member direct their focus for a more powerful healing experience.

The Triad, or The Triad of Change, is simply the idea that each of us has our own special way of experiencing in our bodies and in life that combines the three elements of structure, behavior, and perception.  When we know ourselves well enough that we can use this focus, both on the adjusting table and everywhere else, magic seems to happen seeming as we have our best access to pure experiencing, pure presence.

Sometimes we don’t know ourselves well enough and how to direct our focus optimally to awaken our presence.  Other times we may be focusing in a way that “gets the job done” but isn’t particularly easy or energizing.  Or maybe we know what to do, but we just need practice.

For example, some practice members at our recent Gathering discovered that focusing on their breath during their adjustments exhausts them and leaves them frustrated.  Others discovered that focusing on breath brought them ease and peace that seemed to bring everything together.  This is an example of how we can practice presence through our care in ways that will benefit us in all areas of our lives.

Curious about what using your triad with your care and outside the office would open up for you?

What better way than with the much loved and talented Dr. Susan Gullion, and myself, at an afternoon intensive!!

Now, some of you are lucky enough to have already been to one or both of the intensives Dr. Susan and I have put on together, and you would probably sign up again in a heartbeat because you know how amazing she is!  You wouldn’t have even needed this long preamble!!

Dr. Susan has been practicing Network and SRI for decades.  She has been mentored by Donny and even purchased and worked in Donny’s original practice in New York back in the day.  Even though Susan is now living in Massachusetts, she is excited to come back here to share her insights in a powerful day with you!


Awakening Pure Presence will be held on Sunday, February 24th from 12-5PM.  The experience will include 2 Network Spinal adjustments, SRI breath work, personal attention and guidance, community, “aha’s”, and healthy food and refreshments.

How do you know the Awakening Pure Presence intensive is for you?

1. You love Network Spinal and SRI and are ready for an experience of it that goes BEYOND

2. You’re eager for the opportunity to experience the expertise of an such an experienced practitioner of the work (and angel of a person!)

3.  You can’t go to the Gate, but would like to, and will use this experience as a mini-Gate.

4.  There’s something in your body or life that you’d REALLY like to make progress on right now, and you’d like to bring it to the intensive.

5. You have, or are going to, the gate, but also want to come to this intensive.

6.  You love the experience of community that workshops and intensives facilitate

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these, I invite you to register!

Here’s what one of our participants in a recent intensive had to say about her experience: ”

“Wow! Well…Wow! It felt like an exorcism and a shamanic experience at the same time. Holy crap. I never heard myself wait before and I wailed. I never gave myself personal to release on that level, that deep, and it was because of the women who were there… the love and commitment to their own healing that rose the roof for me. And to the wisdom and guidance and dedication of Dr. Katie and Dr. Susan. What a team! I felt joyful and free on a whole new level, increasing the possibility of healing in so many ways.”

The cost to attend this 5-hour event is $275.

Registration is only open to the first 12 to contact us and submit payment.  Register now by emailing us, or at your next appointment, to ensure that there is space for you!

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