Probiotics and Your Health

There has been a lot in the news lately on the role of bacteria in the lower GI tract in your health and wellbeing.  The link between the health of the gut and the rest of your body has already been well established.  Besides being filled with a variety of microbiota (some helpful, some harmful), the gut is also filled with nerve cells that work semi-independently from the rest of the nervous system.

A recently published article also suggests that our eating behavior may be more driven by our intestinal flora than we might like to think (reprinted with link below).  Again we are reminded of the importance of eating a healthy, low sugar diet with plenty of organic vegetables, and the importance of taking a daily pro-biotic supplement.  Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency is available for purchase at New Day for $34.

Can’t stick to your diet? Your GUT BACTERIA could be to blame for junk food cravings

By Lizzie Parry for MailOnline

Willpower may not be the only barrier threatening a person’s ability to stick to a healthy diet. A new study has found microscopic bacteria living in a person’s gut could govern dietary choices and eating behaviour.

The team of scientists at University College San Francisco, Arizone State University and the University of New Mexico, found gut bacteria could be responsible for certain cravings. Researchers found the bacteria sends out signals to the body, encouraging it to consume the food on which it thrives.

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