Ravenswood Neighborhood of Chicago

ravenswood neighborhood east

The Beauty of Ravenswood

Ravenswood, popularly known for its larger yards and residential building style, is a neighborhood located on the Northern side of Chicago. Ravenswood is one of the highest valued real estate markets in the city of Chicago because of its beauty and ever-improving economic landscape. This part of Chicago city has an ethnically diverse population.

Lincoln Square is the epicenter of Ravenswood, and it features plenty of bars and wine stores with stroller parking. You can feel an old German immigrant presence in the restaurants like Chicago Brauhaus (where you can enjoy live Oompah bands during the weekend). There are also annual German festivals like Christkind and Mayfest directly off the Western L.


During the day, you can visit local yuppies shop at places such as a Book Cellar, the cute bookshop cum wine café and also browse-friendly Merz Apothecary. During the night, a part of Lincoln Avenue becomes a center of great restaurants where you can enjoy different types of international fare.  If you have not eaten pizza in the past, or you don’t enjoy eating it, Spacca Napoli in the quiet corner of Uptown along Ravenswood tracks. Goldsmith, the owner of the Spacca Napoli, went to Italy to learn and bring the secret of Italian pizza to America. The special pizza is a sure bet of the day. You can also get other items of the menu, desserts, appetizers and even espresso; all are made with the craft manlike quality. So, you can imagine when dining just feels like the way of life.

The StoryStudio Chicago

You won’t only enjoy the food, weather, environment, etc. alone. You can also improve your skills at StoryStudio in Ravenswood. In addition to seminars on business and other things, StoryStudio also offers classes on fiction and non-fictions. Ravenswood is a most peaceful and conducive part of Chicago.

Happy Food Spot

In case you run out of necessary materials, Happy Food Spot is the shop to run to. You can get anything from Happy Food Spot whether local food or foreign food.


Ravenswood has excellent transportation access; with Bus Lines on different major streets, a Metra commuter railroad station and the Brown Line running through the neighborhood.

The residents have access to Ravenswood Elementary school and the Lake View High school where the children can learn and enjoy the use of teaching facilities.

Ravenswood is one of the best places to live. With a great atmosphere, amazing food, a thorough road network, friendly culture, a settled economy, etc. you won’t have a dull moment unless you choose to. Whether you are moving to Ravenswood, or you just want to tour the city for your pleasure after a visit to our chiropractic health center, http://www.newdaynsa.com/, you won’t regret moving to or visiting this wonderful neighborhood.