Are you ready?? Exciting opportunity!

Great morning, Sunshines!


If you’ve been part of New Day for a little while, you probably have started to get the notion that there is something a little different and special about the chiropractic care we do with you.

You may have started to get the sense that there is some larger purpose to the care besides helping you feel better, have less pain, and better posture.

Through Network Care your brain and body literally get an upgrade in their functionality.  You live your life through your nervous system, and the care makes it possible for you to have a healthier, better, and more enjoyable life experience through a reprogramming in the nerves of your body.

If you’ve been around New Day a little longer, you might be aware already that there is an event called The Transformational Gate that is available to practitioners and practice members alike.  If you love the care you’ve received and it’s made a difference in your life, learn about how the Transformational Gate might be the right next step for you!


The Transformational Gate is an experiential healing event that revolves around Network Care and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).  “The Gate,” as it is often referred, is an opportunity to get a MAJOR upgrade to your nervous system.  Through 3 sessions of care and 3 sessions of SRI with the top practitioners in the world for 2 days, you’ll get amazing results that will carry over into your life when you come back to Chicago, and your care when you come back to New Day.  And of course, Donny will be there!

The next Gate is taking place February 17th-20th, 2017 in Colorado.  Myself and Amber will be attending, as well as (hopefully) more New Day practice members.  Could one of those practice members be you?

Whether you think the Gate might be for you, or you’re just a little curious, we’ve created a special workshop so that you can learn more!

The workshop will be held Wednesday, January 11th from 6PM-7:30.  There will be light hors d’oeuvres, wine, mingling, and a structured presentation.  You will hear from New Day practice members who have been to The Gate about their experiences.

Please let us know if you’d like to come to the workshop! Amber and I look forward to sharing this with you 🙂

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