Finally ready to clean up your diet? Join New Day for the Spring Renewal Cleanse!

Today I am writing to let you know that if you are sick and tired of the good food/bad food roller coaster, you are not alone!  If you’re like me, you may find eating healthy easy on some days, and more difficult on others, and you may feel caught in what feels like an endless cycle of food ups and downs.  Busy schedules, events, and social obligations come up and make things even more challenging.

I have an exciting opportunity for you if you’re looking for a way to break the good food/bad food cycle, clean up your diet, and finally find out what types of foods you may be sensitive to.  Give your body a break, and get on board for the Spring Renewal Cleanse!

Dr. Katie Ray

This opportunity is easy, fun, and puts you on the road to making the permanent dietary improvements that you may need.  I have teamed up with practice member Jen Loboda of Nutritious in the City to offer you a Spring Renewal Cleanse.  This 11 day cleanse (plus 4 pre-cleanse days for a total of 15 days) will help you eliminate things from your diet that may be irritating your system, will allow you to experience the peace and ease in your body of having a clean diet, and even kick-start weight loss if that is one of your goals.  You will get to do all this, AND join me and other New Day practice members in this group process.

If you have done other cleanses and are familiar with cleansing, what you need to know about this cleanse is that it is designed to be a simple way to eliminate potential irritants to your system (processed foods, sugar,  gluten, etc) and load up on healthy foods for the duration of the 11 days.  There are also 2 levels to this cleanse so that you can make it slightly less restrictive if you are a cleanse beginner.  This cleanse is designed to give your body a break, and help determine how you best thrive.

This opportunity is available to New Day  practice members, their family, and friends at a special discounted price.  Regularly priced $59, this cleanse will be available for our group for $49.  The $49 includes all the information you need to lead you step by step through this process, including shopping lists and meal plans.  You will also receive daily email support from Jen for the 15 days to help keep you on track.

You are the perfect candidate for a dietary cleanse!  For the many people out in the world who do not receive care for the spine and nervous system, even the concept of making dietary changes is likely to be can be overwhelming.  Not only that, but without care for your spine the actual ability of your body to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from healthy food may be compromised.  Our bodies need healthy raw materials (food) to grow, repair and change.  But they also need an effective highway and communications system (your nervous system) to deliver these resources to where they are needed, when they are needed.  As a New Day practice member you are much more likely to benefit from healthy eating, and stay out of overwhelm in the process as you make changes that are connected to your highest possibility.

Jen Loboda, Nutritious in the City

How do you sign up?  In the office, or by calling us.  You may pay the $45 to us by cash, check or credit card.  OR you can sign up from home with the following link:  This is a great opportunity to do something important for your health.  Don’t miss out!  You must sign up by May 10th, our start date

Let’s hold each other accountable!
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