I was introduced to New Day at a business happy hour about 5 months ago. I had never heard of them before, but learned they specialize in a type of chiropractic care called light touch chiropractic, or network spinal analysis, or there are several other things it’s called. As someone who has visited traditional chiropractors with manual adjustments for many years, I was beyond skeptical as to how this type of care could work. Nevertheless, I was at a point where I needed to seek care (again), due to recurring back and neck issues. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Let’s start with some basics:
– the office: is lovely. There are always essential oils diffusing, the colors are relaxing, and it’s put together very nicely. There’s a different selection of music playing each day.
– the staff: I cannot say enough amazing things about the staff. The front staff (Amber, Diane, and Zulema) are in sync, know what’s going on, are respectful, kind, compassionate, and everything you could ever ask for as you’re welcomed in the office. Dr. Katie is a phenomenal healer. She takes time to listen, she genuinely wants you to have a great experience, and she has a way of explaining things that just makes sense.
– the experience: there are three tables in the treatment room, so it’s a group setting. Wasn’t sure how I felt about that at first, but turns out I really didn’t care, and you tend to forget there’s anyone else in the room.
– the care: true to its name, it really is a light touch. Like seriously, light. It took me several weeks to see how it was helping. What I found was that this care has been peeling back many layers that have been contributing to stress in my body, which has been causing years of issues. I’ve cried during several visits (turns out it’s pretty common), and the emotional and physical relief I have felt has been amazing.

On top of the amazing staff, the great office, and the unique care, New Day offers a fantastic community element. They host monthly community dinners, several workshops and events, and are always looking for ways to partner with other local businesses. I’ve met several people through the practice whom I’ve developed friendships with outside of the practice, as we’ve run into each other at events and it’s made it easy to continue that relationship.

So bottom line, would I recommend New Day? Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ve starting bringing my two and a half year old here as well. You truly can’t put a price tag on good health, and New Day is a fantastic practice to help you on your journey to good health.

Jenna G., Chicago

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