Your Secret Ingredient for Success

Your Secret Ingredient for Success

Valor is BAAAAACK!

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Good evening, friends in oiling ūüôā

If you’re receiving this email, it is because you are an essential oil enthusiast and are part of the New Day community. ¬†I love it when I get the chance to connect with you about things oils related.

What’s your secret ingredient for success? ¬†Is it a ritual? ¬†A mind-set? ¬†A quality you bring to the table? ¬†An essential oil? ¬†All of the above?!

I am reaching out to notify you, urge you, and implore you, to get your hands on Young Living’s Valor Essential Oil Blend while it lasts. ¬†Valor is one of Young Livings most original and classic blends that does exactly what you would expect; it enhances your innate valor and bravery.

Much like many of the classic Young Living blends (such as Peace & Calming), Valor periodically goes out of stock because of the difficulty of obtaining it’s ingredients. ¬†Rosewood and Blue Tansy are often limited in harvest, and because Young Living only sells oils it can stand behind 100 percent, they would rather not sell the blend than sell a botched version.

Valor is back, most likely for a very limited time, and is limited to 1 order per member per month.  There is no better time than now to sign up as a Young Living member and make your order, because the limitation of 1 per month means New Day will not be able to order Valor for anywhere near everyone who wants it.


As you probably know, my favorite ways to use oils involve creating rituals to enhance my experience in every-day life.  Essential oils are powerful not because they fix or change you, but because they ACTIVATE something inside you already, helping you embody what you want to become and leading you to the outcomes you want.

When I attended Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” program 2 years ago, I brought my Valor with me and used it the entire program. ¬†Now, whenever I smell the oils I am reconnected with, well, the power within, in a way that moves me into ACTION. ¬†In fact, I used Valor to great success in running in a race last summer!

The more I use Valor to create this experience of empowered action and success, the deeper the strategy is anchored into my nervous system.


Valor contains Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and Spruce.  It is somehow cooling and grounding as well as uplifting and spiritual.

What are you waiting for?! ¬†It’s time to get your hands on Valor today. ¬†If you’re a Young Living member already, simply log in using the link below. ¬†Valor is $39.75 wholesale (member) priced.

If you are not yet a Young Living member, now is a perfect opportunity to sign up!  As I mentioned, we will not be able to order Valor for New Day practice members because only 1 is available per member per month.  Therefore, we will only be able to order 1 this month (and we need it for ourselves!)

Therefore, I urge you to go for it and get signed up. ¬†It only takes a few minutes. Besides saving on Valor (the non-member price is $52.30), you will be able to purchase a premium starter kit that includes 10 of Young Living’s most popular oils, as well as an essential oils diffuser (we could all always use another!).

1) Use the link below:

2) Enter 1425256 as both the Sponsor and Enroller ID.

3) Select the Premium Starter Kit

4) Enjoy your oils, diffuser, and that you are saving 24 percent on oils and products anytime!

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