Secrets to sweet smelling breath (with essential oils!)

Good day, New Day oils enthusiasts!

As you have been discovering, essential oils bring all kinds of magic into our lives.  Some of that magic comes in the form of emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  And some of that magic comes in the form of the most practical everyday uses.

If you need a go-to for fresh breath that is actually GOOD for your health, I have a couple of suggestions for you!

1. For on-the-fly breath freshening, reach for your bottle of peppermint essential oil rather than gums, mints, and mouthwashes, which usually contain sugar or an artificial sweetener.  

Sugars and artificial sweeteners can wreak all kinds of havoc on your dental health (not to mention you overall health), by dehydrating your mouth and encouraging the growth of bacteria between the teeth, in the gums, and on the tongue.

Instead, dab a little peppermint oil on your finger and rub it on your teeth and gums, where it will quickly coat your mouth and freshen your breath naturally. Peppermint oil also has the benefits of refreshing your mind and settling your stomach.

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2. For an ongoing routine for fresh breath, drink a glass of of water with one drop of Spearmint essential oil per day.

Spearmint has a slightly milder, less menthol flavor than peppermint and is also great for freshening breath and calming digestion. I have found that drinking one glass of water with spearmint per day as a morning ritual has me feeling especially fresh inside and out!

I also feel like this morning ritual resets my taste-buds for the day, helping me keep away from sweets and dairy, which are bad for the breath and bad for you!

Dr. Mercola has written on his website about the further benefits of Spearmint essential oil– click here to read more!

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3. For a great ongoing oral hygiene routine, add Thieves to your tongue scraping!

Do you use a tongue scraper?  If not, you should!  Tongue scraping is an important wellness routine that helps rid you of bad breath generating bacteria, yeasts, and viruses that would otherwise be living in the coating on your tongue!

Especially if you have at any point in your life consumed dairy or sugar, or taken antibiotics, if you have never scraped your tongue you will notice a HUGE change in how you feel.

Ready to take it to the next level?  Add 1 drop of Thieves essential oil blend to your scraper before using!  I like to picture that anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal action of Thieves (made with clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils) working it’s way deep into the crevices, between the cells on your tongue, cleaning everywhere it goes!

This is one of my favorite Thieves uses, so I hope you enjoy it!

You can also read more about tongue scraping BY CLICKING HERE

Can’t wait to hear about how much you love tongue scraping with Thieves!
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