Sometimes we choose reorganization. . .

. . . And sometimes it’s thrust upon us!


New Day Plumbing Mishap as Fuel for Reorganization

Good evening, New Day!

It’s been quite an exciting past few days.

As those of you who came in for care on Saturday will already know, reorganization was thrust upon the New Day office this past Friday morning.

It all began Friday morning when I needed to come in to the office to allow a plumber to cut into the ceiling in the adjusting room.  This needed to happen to address a plumbing problem in the unit upstairs. I won’t lie– I definitely was not thrilled about any of this.  Not the coming in on my day off (“for something that has nothing to do with me!”), not that Diane and Amber had to move adjusting tables, artwork, and the like, to make way for drywall that would be falling.  Not that I needed to then coordinate someone to patch up the ceiling when the work would be done.

Well, I was even less thrilled when, after the plumber arrived and I was in the front office on the computer, I suddenly heard a loud gushing noise.  I grabbed my phone and ran into the adjusting room to find water gushing out of the ceiling, onto the tops of the kitchen cabinets, counter, and onto the floor.  The plumber was nowhere to be seen!  I didn’t know what else to do besides start making a video to document the damage what was occurring.

(check out our Instagram @newdaynsa or to see the video!)

The plumber had accidentally cut into a pipe.  As luck would have it, New Day practice member Terry, who had been on his way over to assess the drywall repair situation, arrived on the scene moments later and began catching as much of the water as possible with our empty trash can.  It was also tremendously lucky that he had a shop vac to help remove the standing water when the gushing water slowed 5-10 minutes later.

By midnight that night the kitchenette had been torn out, laminate removed from the floor, and holes had been cut in the ceiling and fans and dehumidifiers positioned to help dry things out.  I looked about the office at the damage and disarray and felt angry and worried about what the coming weeks would bring.

Then something came to me, through a friend, that transformed my whole way of looking at this situation.  She, another chiropractor, said, “What we do is so much bigger than whatever your office looks like right now.”

What we do, as chiropractors, is to get the brain into right relationship with the body, so that you can have the best chance possible for a healthy body and life.  When the brain and the body have difficulty communicating, because the nervous system is running a stress-based program that creates blockages in the spine, we suffer.  We may feel pain.  We may not.  But our health and lives are not working the way they should or could be.  Health isn’t possible when the brain and body are out of communication, let alone optimal health.  Our brains and every cell in our bodies gets to behave differently under chiropractic care.

It’s a pretty amazing value, when you think about it.  For the cost of an adjustment, the entire trajectory of your health and your life is altered for the better (and you even SAVE money because you’re so much healthier).  It is for this reason that I don’t consider care for the spine to be in any way a luxury or an optional experience.  It’s not something that makes sense to stop doing when we “feel better” or otherwise avert disaster.

It doesn’t have to happen in a fancy space or quiet, spa-like setting to work.  And it’s not because I’m so great, or even because chiropractic is so great that this works so well.  It’s because the life in YOU is so great.  When you’re on the table getting your brain and body reconnected through the spine so that health can express, you get to feel the greatness within and experience infinite benefits from that.

It was just the reorganization I needed.  I set up the space with the rudiments, and saw practice members on Saturday morning.  And it was an even more joyful experience than usual!

This week, please consider that the ways you are benefitting from Network Spinal Analysis care are far greater than why you initially came in, or even possibly the reasons why you think you continue to come in.  These benefits are so much more than your aches and pains (or lack thereof).  They are even more than your improved posture, better sleep, increased energy, improved ability to handle stress, changed medical diagnosis. . . and the like.  Who you are is so much more than your story (and even your relatively empowering ones ;))

Our BLOOM (Bring Loved Ones on Mondays) event last week was phenomenal, and I see no reason why everyone in the practice isn’t participating!  This is your opportunity to share something that can change someone’s life with them.  You may have no idea what a gift you are extending to someone just by including them and sharing with them how this has helped you, and you don’t have to know.  Allow this blog message to move you into excitement and action to invite your Chicago area friends to come tomorrow night at 6PM!  I promise not to care about the mess in the office if you don’t 😉

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