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Lately I’ve been thinking about how one of the greatest things about chiropractic is one of the things that can sometimes make it the most difficult to understand.  This thought brings me back to this old saying in chiropractic that Donny Epstein uses often about stepping on a dog’s tail.

BTW I LOVE dogs and met one of the most adorable dogs this weekend at Maifest in Lincoln Square.  We were sharing such a long, meaningful stare that my boyfriend snapped a picture of us!


But back to my story.  “If you stepped on a dog’s tail,” so the saying goes.  “And the dog barks.  Is there a problem with the dog’s mouth?”

When we feel an unpleasant feeling in our bodies, it’s easy to assume that “the problem” is where the pain is.  Have you ever been laying on the table having your weekly care with me and wondered, “Why is she touching THERE?” or “Why ISN’T she touching where my pain is?”  This was my experience when I was starting out as a patient in care before becoming a chiropractor. Every time my chiropractor went to my sacrum or tailbone, I would feel annoyed thinking “When will she finally go to my neck?”

Even more so if the place of pain is home to an injury or a medical diagnosis.  Surely if xray, MRI, or a medical doctor tells us there’s degeneration, a tear, a bulging disc, etc, THE PROBLEM must be right there?  Why wouldn’t I, the chiropractor, be focusing right there?

What’s so amazing about chiropractic is that we have the knowledge and expertise that by assessing the health of your spine and nervous system, we can know if there are deeper issues.  What you are experiencing may very well be the bark, and not what’s stepping on the tail.  Through Network Care when you feel your own body reconnect to and begin healing those affected areas, those barks, it is a powerful reassertion of your body’s innate healing wisdom.  Network Care and chiropractic are indeed amazing, but less so than your body’s ability to tap into something deeper.  You are more than a collection of parts.  The care only works because you do!

On a related topic, we have been excited to announce that for the first time in the 3 years of existing, we are having our first Awaken Care Workshop!  What’s so great about that?  Well, consider that the reason you thought you started Network Care is probably much different than why you continue.  Our concerns change as we change and evolve.  The more efficiently our “nervous system operating system” is functioning, the easier it is to experience more of what life has to offer.


Awaken, or Advanced Level Network Care is when we have the opportunity to experience ourselves and our path in life as inextricable from the vast and interconnected whole of the universe. In care, our spinal gateways continue to advance in ways that allow the oscillations of your heart to set the context for your life.  Contribution to humanity and expanding sense of community are our new measures of progress.

Sound intriguing?  Then our Awaken Care workshop is for you!  Level 1 and Level 2 workshops are pre-requisites.  Please let us know if you’ll be there June 14th 🙂

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