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Happy weekend, Essential Oils Enthusiasts 🙂

You know the saying.  “All work and no play makes _____ a very dull boy!” These days, thanks to many of us having the ability to do work from everywhere at any time, it can be easy to be all about the work.

It can be even easier to be all work and no play for those of us who built pretty strong identities around being serious, hardworking people.  I’m sure there are a lot of us (and especially here in the Midwest).  Like any identity, it starts out as helpful but can be limiting.

Take me, for example. I always had this idea about myself that there was something inherently serious and hardworking about me. Starting as a very young child, I compared myself to my little brother (only 1 year younger than me!) and I concluded that I was serious, mature, and generally devoid of silly, childlike qualities. Adults noticed how quiet, smart, and mature I was and heaped praise on me. And so the cycle continued.

I may have looked very serious, but really I just had a lot of love in my heart for this puppy!

What I lost by seeing myself that way for so many years was access to a sense of wonder, curiosity, and a sense of humor about myself and the situations I would find myself in.

Of course it wasn’t actually true that I was by nature serious and quiet– it’s just a way I learned how to be, and something my little 4 year old brain concluded was a good thing. It’s only in recent years that I started to see the necessity for fun and play– and being able to infuse that into my work!

Enter Inner Child Essential Oil Blend from Young Living. Whether you can remember the days of being a completely open, fun-loving, curious, and emotionally expressed child, or would have to try to imagine it, Inner Child is the access you need to re-awaken that part of you.

Inner Child contains Orange, Tangerine, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Spruce, Lemongrass, and Neroli.  It has a sweet smell that may have you feeling a little tenderhearted and empathetic to those around you to help you bring sweetness and play to both work and leisure. You can also use on your wrists or behind the ears as a beautiful fragrance.

One of my favorite uses for Inner Child with practice members at New Day is to help bring an emotion to the surface– helping to bring about a pure expression of emotion without the need to attach an explanation or story.  This can be very freeing!

Inner Child is our essential oil of the month and can be purchased at New Day for $39.14, or ordered online through your member accounts for the wholesale price of $29.75.

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“How do I do that?”

It’s simple! Go to this link for simple instructions:

Why do any of this? (Besides the free Inner Child)

If you’ve been using the oils or any Young Living products for very long, you know how high quality they are and how much they enrich your life.

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Ready to do this???

So those instructions again are:

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To sign up a new Young Living member, give that person your member number and walk them through the process of signing up for their starter kit putting their member number into the “sponsor ID” and “enroller ID” fields.

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I look forward to gifting you your free bottle of Inner Child 🙂 🙂 🙂

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