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BEMER FAQs– your questions answered!

BEMER FAQs– your questions, answered!


Me, demonstrating a BEMER session at it’s new home in the New Day adjusting room



What is BEMER?


BEMER is a medical device. It’s a mat that you lay on that plugs into a machine. It improves the blood circulation in your body


How does Bemer work?


BEMER works by something called PEMF— it is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency.  The device produces a microcurrent that is experienced by laying on the B-Mat device, and/or using the B-Pad wrap.


What does Bemer do?


Bemer improves the blood circulation in the body— in particular the capillaries and microvasculature, which are the tiniest blood vessels throughout your body, legs, and feet and make up 75 percent of your body’s circulatory system.  


How would it help me?


Since BEMER improves the blood circulation, and our bodies use blood to bring oxygen to the organs and tissues of the body and remove wastes from the organs and tissues of the body, this supports your overall energy, aliveness, and ability to heal in your body. That flow of the tiny capillaries that make of ¾ of your body’s circulatory system are at play in every second of every day.  In particular, BEMER may be a great support for injury healing, athletic performance, extra support during times of stress, history and/or family history of circulatory problems, and just the ability to relax and be energized.


Why have I never heard of this?


Even though BEMER has been around for many years, it was created in Europe and has only been marketed in the US very recently. It is being sold through independent distributors.


How can I try it?


We want to make it easy for everyone who wants to to be able to try BEMER and use it as an adjunct to their care as wanted. The pricing will support practice members being able to buy single bemer sessions, or packages of sessions if it’s something they wish to pursue.


We will hold informational events on a regular basis, as this is the best way to learn about and try it for free. Check our calendar and bulletin boards to find out if there is one scheduled.  But if you aren’t able to attend, you can just buy a session and check it out.


Will I feel anything?


You probably won’t feel anything during your session. The pulsation created by the PEMF is an extremely low frequency. However, some people who use BEMER experience slight body sensations such as warming of the legs, hands and feet. This makes sense since Bemer can improve anyone’s microcirculation by up to 30%!


How often should I use BEMER?


BEMER may be used for up to two 8 minute sessions per day. However, it is not realistic for someone who does not own their own device to use the machine this often.


Remembering that Bemer is an adjunct to your chiropractic care is important! Even once per week after your adjustment, or even less frequently as a one-off when extra support is needed may be beneficial. As is true of most modalities, treatments, and healthy habits that support wellness and our bodies’ ability to self heal, greatest results are experienced when used on a regular basis over time.  


Why is it called BEMER?


BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation


Are there side effects?


This is an FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device, which means it produces no harmful side effects. The most common side effect of PEMF therapy devices is nausea or dizziness.


Many PEMF companies advise to use caution when using PEMF therapy if you have a pre-existing heart condition. Expecting mothers and children should also not use PEMF therapy.


What is the research on BEMER?


BEMER’s effectiveness on helping patients with fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis, sleep, quality of life, and more, have been researched.  See Pub Med for abstracts. This link will take you to a search of “BEMER therapy” but there may be articles to find through other search terms: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27959944,26078768,24021601,23940071,20865985,19422286?report=docsum

Introducing Practice Member of the Month for September 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!


We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!








Rowan E. has been in care with Dr. Katie since June 2018



Why I came to New Day – written by my mom, Lisa:  

Rowan came to New Day because I was under care the whole time I was pregnant with him.  I know that this care helped contribute to my having a healthy delivery, and helped so that he didn’t have a lot of trauma from or around his birth experience. I remember when I first was pregnant that my friends complained about back pain and sleeplessness, things like that, and this care really helped to alleviate a lot of those symptoms I was expecting to experience. Plus it was really cool to feel him inside of me, as he reacted and moved around during my own sessions with Dr. Katie.

I always love the phrasing “a healthy spine = a happy and healthy life,” why wouldn’t I want to start him out with exactly that! Birth can be traumatic for him, as well as me, even with a “relatively uneventful” labor and delivery. Just think about how much efforting it takes to come into this world, right? Setting him up for a healthy nervous system outside of the womb was really important to me.  I knew how much the care was helping me during my pregnancy and even before that, and I knew the benefits of care for him were something that I wanted to ensure that he had from day 1!



My chiropractic results – written by my mom, Lisa:

Rowan has had some really great milestones in care since he was born in June. He always sleeps very well after his adjustment with Dr. Katie and in fact has been sleeping through the night since month 1. There was a time early on after his birth that he would only turn his head and neck to one direction – and now he has started to move his neck both directions with more ease. I don’t see him holding his head that way anymore – and that change was sustained after only a few light adjustments by Dr. Katie.

His spine is more aligned, and his neck has very strong control of movement now. I especially notice his neck strength and movement  when I see him and compare his movements to other babies.I also noticed that when I nurse him, his latch and suck is stronger – which could be part of the care, but could also be improving as he gets older.

During his sessions he lights up with the biggest smiles when he gets adjusted, like each time she connects with his spine, a lightbulb turns on in his nervous system – and that brings a lot of joy to the office and staff, too. Which I love!!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie – written by my mom, Lisa:

Same reasons why I started. If I am doing this for my life, why wouldn’t I give him the best tools for his life possible? I want to contribute in every way that I can to ensure he has a healthy, happy life!


Why did you choose to have your infant son receive Network Care at New Day?

I think the easiest way to express why I choose chiropractic care for him would be explaining that when your baby is hungry, or not happy, or colicy for example – that YOU WILL DO ANYTHING to try and make that thing that isn’t working well, better for them. You will buy try every technique, buy everything toy, and try every possible solution to make them more comfortable. I think of chiropractic for him as a sort of insurance that his body can function to it’s best ability.

Instead of being REACTIVE, I am being proactive for his overall wellness. For instance, I don’t want him to have to take medications for things that could be resolved by chiropractic care or more holistic forms of treatments – so if this can align him and help him have better immunity and a healthier system overall – I will absolutely do this for him.

I remember when I started care years ago someone described to me a visual of our soul and spine being bright and pure when we are born. As we get older it is exposed to environmental, emotional and physical trauma that light dims. I believe that this care removes those layers and helps your light become bright again! This also allows us to be better people to the people and world around us. So if I can do something to keep him “shining bright” I will!

– Rowan E., Chicago, IL