Thank you, thank you, thank you, AMBER!

On your 1 year anniversary at New Day. . .

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We can’t thank you enough, Amber, for all you do!!

Good morning, New Day community!

Whether you are still relatively new to New Day, while others of you have been a practice member for years, you have no doubt encountered our rock star of an office manager, Amber, at some point along the way.

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of Amber’s journey at New Day.  Back when I met Amber, it seemed like she could just be yet another ho hum Craigslist applicant.  Yet something stood out about her even when all I had to go on was a resume and letter of intent.  Despite having seemingly little to no training or familiarity with chiropractic, alternative health, or working in a healing setting such as New Day, it quickly became clear that she was the one for the job.

And what a job it’s been.  Over the past year, Amber has helped bring New Day to the next level of service, professionalism, and care, exceeding our expectations at every turn.  Today, we take time to honor Amber on her 1 year New Day anniversary!

Initially, it was quite amazing to see how quickly she took to the office, the care, and our amazing community, adding meaning and value to everything she touched!  She took a genuine interest in everything, and everyone and didn’t hold back.

Most striking to me was her ability to connect with our practice members and advocate for their care as necessary for health and wellness and as an opportunity to facilitate transformation.

As great as the care can feel and as many great results that we might receive through it, the real benefit of care ultimately comes from consistency over time. Amber has helped convey this message in a way that supports our practice members ability to be their healthiest and best selves through a healthy spine and nervous system.

Despite having had several wonderful part-time office assistants before her, having Amber at New Day full time has allowed me to feel supported in the work that I do with you in your sessions in the adjusting room, so that I can focus on caring for your spine and nervous system.  For that, especially, I am most grateful.

From the bottom of my heart, Amber, thank you, thank you, thank you!


And now it’s time to hear from our practice members about what a difference Amber makes!

A number of you have shared testimonials of your experiences with Amber, and I share them all as a tribute!  Didn’t get to contribute yet?  Take today to throw a word of appreciation or two her way, so that we can shower her with love on her 1 year New Day anniversary.  You can email her or post a comment below!

I look forward to seeing Amber each week.  She is always a blessing and makes me feel super cared for. She anticipates my needs like writing for me when my hands are full of my son Wesley. She makes Wesley feel safe and at home while I am being cared for.  She is always super caring and respectful when i ask her to change my appointments all around.  She is also just a warm person who makes you feel like you are at a place that cares about your well being…….not like I am a client but like I am a member of a community of people on the path to healing.  I also think it is wonderful she is so open about her struggles with anxiety…..every person who speaks out about mental struggles breaks stigmas and helps others feel like it is ok to talk about it when so many people aren’t sure they should share.  Thank you Amber for everything you do!  You do it so well!

–Janelle H

My daughter and I get excited about our New Day visits not just for the care from Dr. Katie, but also for our visits with Amber. She is kind, compassionate, is a good listener, and always knows the right thing to say. She is full of life and shares her love and positive energy with all she meets. The New Day community is incredibly lucky to have her.

–Jenna G

Amber’s warmth and kindness make New Day a safe and friendly place for children. My son loves Amber. He looks forward to playing with blocks with her in the waiting room and giving her hugs each week. When Will builds doctors’ offices at home he always includes Amber sitting at a front desk.

–Emma B

Amber offers so many gifts to practice members, but as a single mom of one boy and two cats, Amber gives me the gift of feeling taken care of…. Even if I come in scattered and breathless, her thoughtfulness gives me the space to take a deep NSA breath, and then receive her wisdom, organization, mindfulness and invitation to enter the treatment room open to the deepest healing.

–Cin S

Amber is such a comforting person to be around. It’s always a wonderful experience to be in her presence.

–Kara B

Amber. What a lovebug! I am super grateful for her warmth and open energy as I made my way to New Day. Of course her professionalism is top notch, but what makes my experience above and beyond is Amber is so very naturally open and personable. I truly enjoy the conversations we have had so far and it feels so good to sense how much Amber cares about clients and the care she is a part of providing. Amber, Congratulations on your anniversary! May your light shine bright and steady!

–Jessica L

Amber.  Amber Brown.  How did any of us ever get by without her?  She can do anything.  Everything.  And she does it with calm and with love and such integrity and skill.  She is a light in the world and especially at New Day!  I’m so glad she and Dr. Katie found each other!

–Lydia G

I have been a practice member since before Amber came on board.  It has been a great experience for me since day 1, but Amber has put on the finishing touches and really brought it all together.  She has been outstanding, but more importantly she has been a blessing for my son Mac, who is now two.  He looks forward to his playdates with Amber as well as his regular treatments.  We are so blessed to have her as part of the New Day Family!

–Dawn W

Amber’s friendly face after a session is often the best tool with which one can transition back. Because she knows how to hold and give space. She’s sensitive to the process you’ve just been in and knows how to give vulnerability a safe place to exist. I deeply appreciate having my transitional moments with her and know that I can show my humanity in whatever form it may be in and she’ll be comfortable to let it live wherever it needs to.

–Lindsay H

Whenever I come to new day and see Amber’s smiling face it makes my day that much better! Amber is always willing to lend a listening ear, give killer advise or just give you a great (and usually needed) hug. I couldn’t imagine new day without her!

–Lisa D

Amber is a shining light of warmth and positivity and compassion. She has shared insights with me that have nudged me father into my own journey. I am so grateful to Amber for being exactly who she is, because she is truly marvelous.

–Heather B

Dear Amber, you are the lighthouse of New Day. Thank you for shining and sharing your light and for always showing me the way how to improve my health and my life.  Happy Birthday:-)

–Sonja F

Throughout my care at new day waiting with Amber in the office has always been an extra plus to care. I could always count to have interesting, deep, and compassionate conversations that were a daily high. She was a light in my life during a darker time, and I’m grateful to have known her during my healing process.

–Meredith G

I remember meeting Amber when I  went in for my Follow Up appointment after my first assessment. Of course, the whole practice was very new to me and I was pretty unsure about the whole thing and if I really wanted to invest the money into the program. After a few conversations with Amber, I felt right at home and knew that I belonged in this care. I remember how comforting and understanding she was in my position and I really do have to say she is a big reason why I decided to pull the trigger! Thank you Amber and I always look forward to chatting with you before and after sessions.

–Jake E

Amber is such a warm presence!!  I was pregnant with my third child when I started care and Amber was willing to be with my other children while I had my session.  She was such a calm energy that my youngest took to her right away and I could go into my sessions able to work on me instead of worry about my kids.  She also has the beautiful ability to connect in a very genuine way and make you feel supported and grounded.  So very grateful for her.  Happy work-aversary sweet spirit!

–Sonja F

I’m writing in regards to the extraordinary care that I’ve received not only from you but in conjunction with Amber your receptionist. About a month after attending I came in an wasn’t  my cheery self. And after a treatment I still was struggling to smile.  Amber didn’t miss a beat and noticed I wasn’t my usual self and asked If I would like to go in for another treatment immediately. I was shocked, that I really could do that. Well I said “yes” and what a difference it made. Amber has also accommodated scheduling when I was caught in the traffic vortex known as  I90/94. She has a great personality and gives hugs abundantly. I’m so grateful that she is part of your staff.

— Brenda D

Sometimes when I walk out of a treatment, I feel open and vulnerable.  Other times, like my brain has been tossed.  Others, like I’m ready to go out and meet the world boldly.  No matter what my experience, Amber is always there with her feet on the ground, solid; and totally open, holding space for whatever might come, with kindness and curiosity.  She has helped me understand my experiences, borne witness, and shared her own in a way that makes us all feel more connected in the community.  She’s a nexus for all of us!  She is the hub.  A loving place to come in, feel accepted, re-center, and then move out into the world.  I wouldn’t love New Day as much if there weren’t someone with the depth and the vision that Amber brings.  Thank you Amber!

Hilary J

I love seeing Amber’s smiling face when I walk through the door. I can count on her to calm me if I’m running late, chat me up and ask me about my day. Sometimes I’m pretty sure Amber is more concerned for my own well-being than I am. Around Amber, people feel safe, welcome, and loved.

–Kira E

Amber is one of the leading reasons I began coming to New Day. We met as friends out for drinks, and reconnected later when I was invited through another friend to the Community Dinner.  Having Amber as a personal friend outside of New Day has allowed me to be able to take my care deeper. I can talk with her about things that make me happy, angry, sad, etc and she reminds me to do my SRI exercises. She checks up on my daily happenings when I walk through the door. Greets with a smile and a hug, and also puts up with my constant blabbering! I am very thankful for Amber in my life and the care I have through New Day.

–Casey H

Didn’t get to contribute yet?  It’s not too late!  Take today to throw a word of appreciation or two her way, so that we can shower her with love on her 1 year New Day anniversary. Comment below!


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