Thank you and we wish you the best, Amber!

Thank you and we wish you the best, Amber!

Opening up to new possibilities


Happy Monday morning to you, New Day.

I believe I have blogged before about some of the how and the why as to how I came to name my practice New Day.  I have some ideas about this, but otherwise it was a bit mysterious to me, at the time, why I was choosing this name.

I even recently wondered if I chose the name New Day due to the subconscious impact of having loved the book and movie “Anne of Green Gables” when I was a kid.

After all, “Today is a new day– with no mistakes in it!” is one of the ever-adventurous Anne’s signature taglines.

But the name New Day isn’t meant to evoke the idea that we have to move away from or get rid of the past or the mistakes in it.  Living a life that simply tries to out maneuver old pain and problems simply leads to new (old) pain and problems.

In Donny Epstein’s concept of the Levels of Care/Seasons of Wellbeing, when we move from a Discover into a Transform energy state and awareness, we stop trying to fix and manage, and instead create new possibilities from the energy we feel stirring.

When we move into an Awaken energy state and awareness, we officially leave the realm of the mind.  Now we truly open to an experience of a new day for what it is, not what it represents.  It’s something we feel it all the way to our bones, and it reminds us that we are all part of something so much bigger and more beautiful than the mind can comprehend.

And so it is with a bit of bittersweetness that we announce that Amber is leaving her position as Office Manager of New Day and has already had her last day of work.  She loves New Day and everyone in this community very much, and so it was a difficult decision for her.

After 3 years, she is ready to move on and we very much support her in opening up to her next highest possibility.  She will still be around the practice for care and events, so this is likely not the last time you will see her.

Thank you, Amber, for choosing to shine so brightly!  Click here if you would like to send Amber a message to thank her for her work or any other message you would like to send.

We too are creating the possibility of a New Day that continues to inspire that experience– not just through the adjustments for your spine and nervous system but through the experience in the front office as an extension of that.  If it is time for you or someone you know to step into such a role, the link for the job posting can be found here. <3

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