Upgrade Your Energetic Operating System with NSA Care!


The Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice (ARHP), of which I am a member, recently sent this article to it’s members about energetic fields (reprinted below).  The article uses the science of energetic fields to postulate how NSA care works with the nervous system, re-wiring your spinal cord to work as an “antenna” for accessing fields.

I think this is a great way to think of your regular, ongoing NSA care; continuous upgrades to your body’s energetic operating system.  As we move from Level 1 to Level 2 care and beyond, our “antenna” becomes better able to affect the field in larger and larger areas beyond the physical body.  This is why in Transform (Level 2) care we may notice that we can walk into a room and shift what’s happening there without even saying a word.  Pretty soon, with enough of us walking around we could shift the energetic field in the whole neighborhood, Northcenter, Lincoln Square, Chicago, and the world!

What is a Field?

In the past few years there has been much discussion of “fields” in Reorganizational Healing and Living.  While the word gets used frequently and many people in community have a general sense of what it means understanding more deeply and specifically is helpful for clear communication as well as clinical skill.  So what is a field?

The word “field” is also called a morphic field, morphogenetic field, biological field or organizing field and the discussion is not new.  In the 1920s biologists began to ask how living organisms were able to organize into shapes that we see.  The biological field has been dominated primarily by biochemistry.  Because scientists were able to understand chemistry they assumed that the formation of living organisms was primarily chemical.  Of course there is chemistry that occurs but how do these chemical compounds create the gross physical structures such as a hand, head, or brain that nearly identical and functional each time.  Similarly, how is it that our genetic code is (for all intents and purposes) identical and yet we create human beings that are so different?  These are questions answered by morphic fields.

When looking at questions of morphology in biology leaving it to a pure chemical interaction is clearly insufficient.  Sir Fred Hoyle stated that having organic but nonliving compounds evolve to form complex living matter was “comparable to the chance that a tornado sweeping through a junkyard could assemble a Boeing 747″[1] .

One forerunner in the conversation and research of morphic fields and morphic field resonance is the controversial scientist Rupert Sheldrake.  Sheldrake’s work is considered brilliant by many but it challenges the dominant paradigm and is therefore met with a lot of resistance [2].

Sheldrake describes fields in this way:

These are rather like invisible blueprints that underlie the form of the growing organism. They are not designed by an architect, any more than a genetic program is designed by a computer programmer. They are fields: self-organizing regions of influence, analogous to magnetic fields and other recognized fields of nature. [3]

Another interesting aspect about fields is that they are universally described as “non-local”.  This immediately brings up ideas of non-locality or “spooky action at a distance” described in quantum physics.  While some scientists are starting to draw parallels there is not yet a solidified theory combining these two.

Michael Levin, Phd describes non-locality in a field this way:

The idea that the influences coming to bear on any point in the system are not localized to that point and that an understanding of those forces must include information existing at other, distant regions in the system[4]

Some examples of fields are magnetics, gravity and the fine particulate matter that is arranged in mandala like shapes on a vibrating plate in cymatics[5].

So we have a system that is pervasive and constantly accessible, able to influence matter, but not visibly seen.  This is very interesting and exciting! In the biological realms this will be applied primarily to morphology (the study of shape of a physical organism) when we apply the concept in Reorganizational Healing we get to stretch the boundaries even more.

In Reorganizational Healing it is theorized that the shape, tone and tension in the spine and nervous system is part of how a person accesses morphic fields.  However, these fields are more than just physical, they correspond to the rest of the energetic intelligences (namely, emotional, lower and upper mental, personal and global soul).  In this way, the nervous system is like the antennae for consciousness, tuned in to the frequency of these specific fields.  The human experience in any given moment is sum total of the fields that nervous system is accessing.

NSA and SRI are technologies to help a person change their energetic state so that they can access a new, more highly organized field.  This field may resolve symptomatology but will also offer the practice member a new perspective or vantage point on their experience of life.

Access to these fields are not fixed.  When internal and external stressors interact with a more complexly organized system that system will be challenged and have to reorganize at a lower level to maintain integrity if said integrity is not yet established at the higher level.

This is why many practice members get a glimpse of transform or awaken but are challenged in maintain that perspective outside of the office.

Fields are clearly critical component to understand in Reorganizational Healing.  Our ability to recognize the fields our practice members are experiencing and help them Reorganize at a higher level allows for the exciting clinical outcomes practitioners all over the world see.

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