We are BACK!!

Great day to you, New Day!

We are back in Chicago today after being being away since last Friday. And we are SO HAPPY to be back!!  Not that we didn’t have a wonderful time. In fact, it was incredible! It was actually how Amber chose to spend her birthday weekend 🙂

The amazingness that is the Transformational Gate actually has us more excited to be back in our lives than we’ve ever been. I would imagine this is the case for everyone who attends this life-changing program that immerses you in the experience Network Care and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).

The experience of Network Spinal Analysis and SRI is so awesome not because it’s so special, different, or extreme.  It’s awesome BECAUSE it’s not about the care (it never really is anyway). It’s about your life and thriving the way you need to so that you can be a real contribution to the planet.

Care for your spine and nervous system is more than something we do to feel good, to relax, to “heal.” It’s a commitment we make to go forward as the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be, and to be a blessing in the lives of people in the communities we are part of (and to experience them as blessings as well).

There are only 2 things you can control in life, Donny reminds us.  Those things are 1) what you choose to focus on and 2) the meaning you decide to give it. Network Care, by improving the functioning of your nervous system, affects both, allowing us to feel better, function better, express emotion better, think better, and even be in love and gratitude more.

You can believe that Donny (Dr. Donald Epstein, creator of Network Care) was on hand with memorable (and sometimes hilarious) quotes through the weekend. Click here for a list of the ones I was able to capture!


“When you’re in love, you experience the totality of the person in the moment, not the concept or role you’ve ascribed to them.” — on why being in love is so immersive and energizing

“When we lose our minds, we gain reality.”

“One person in the room who is energy rich and asking different questions conditions the space to create a different outcome” –on how being energy rich through the nervous system in the body impacts others

“Whatever strategies you used to defend your life in survival, you also used later on to defend your sense of self and the identity you’ve created.”

“The only way you’re ever going to surrender your identity is when your heart enters the picture.”

“YOU don’t transform.  Your relationship to the world transforms.” — on what happens in care

“You’re here to be the perfect medicine for someone else”– on why we’re here

“Pain is a cultural interpretation of a vibration.”– on the cultural obsession with pain relief/management

“If you’re healing, you may miss out on the living because you’re busy healing the whole time.”– on why we need experiencing rather than healing

“The amount of energy you have available at any given time determines the outcome.”

“Energy is the context for all content. EVERYTHING is the interplay of energy and information.  It’s a binary code.”

“In Awaken there are no questions.  There is no thinker, just a knower.”

“You don’t create community– it’s always there.  It’s whether you choose to participate in it.”


Questions about the Gate?  Let me tell you why you should go!  Comments on Donny’s memorable quotes?  Comment below!


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