I found Dr. Katie and New Day through a referral from my nutritionist who also comes to New Day for care. It has helped me further connect with muscles that I did not control before and learned to better meditate and connect with my muscles to release them and their tension, as well. This care helps me maintain the progress I have achieved, which is why I continue ongoing care with Dr. Katie.

Rachel B., Chicago


I’ve been in care since early August 2016 and am happy to share that I have a lot less back pain, and better quality sleep. It is actually easier for me to fall asleep and stay asleep now, which is great! Each time I come to my sessions with Dr. Katie, I feel relief in my body and I want to keep feeling better. It has improved my overall health and wellness!

Casey H., Chicago


I came to New Day having been referred by a friend to join him as a guest at a Community Dinner event. The care has helped my breath and breathing, specifically when I was in a pretty bad car accident; I remained very calm which was unusual for me! The car was totaled and I walked away with no broken bones or internal bleeding. My healing process has been amazing since seeing Dr. Katie twice weekly. I continue my care because it works wonders physically, emotionally, and spiritually! It has been one of the only effective ways I have healed from accident and incidents, and has allowed me the courage and freedom to be vulnerable with humanity and with my heart.

Zulema D., Chicago


I am under “Network Care” for quite some time now and have worked with a number of practitioners. I was in Chicago for a business trip and had the opportunity to work with Dr Katie. She is simply amazing. If you are new to Network Care, give her a chance -and some time! Then notice your breathing pattern change over time, along with many other changes (to the extent that you are willing :))!!

Yunus T., Montreal, Canada


I have gone to chiropractors for 40 years – usually to correct a problem I have created.  Dr. Katie Ray’s approach is preventative, so when two weeks of particularly stressful work took their toll on my lower back, neck and breathing, one session brought me back to feeling pain free – in less than 24 hours. . Even beyond that, my posture is better, my breathing deeper, my sleep more refreshing. This is now a lifetime and lifestyle commitment for me.

Erica M., Chicago


I was introduced to New Day at a business happy hour about 5 months ago. I had never heard of them before, but learned they specialize in a type of chiropractic care called light touch chiropractic, or network spinal analysis, or there are several other things it’s called. As someone who has visited traditional chiropractors with manual adjustments for many years, I was beyond skeptical as to how this type of care could work. Nevertheless, I was at a point where I needed to seek care (again), due to recurring back and neck issues. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Let’s start with some basics:
– the office: is lovely. There are always essential oils diffusing, the colors are relaxing, and it’s put together very nicely. There’s a different selection of music playing each day.
– the staff: I cannot say enough amazing things about the staff. The front staff (Amber, Diane, and Zulema) are in sync, know what’s going on, are respectful, kind, compassionate, and everything you could ever ask for as you’re welcomed in the office. Dr. Katie is a phenomenal healer. She takes time to listen, she genuinely wants you to have a great experience, and she has a way of explaining things that just makes sense.
– the experience: there are three tables in the treatment room, so it’s a group setting. Wasn’t sure how I felt about that at first, but turns out I really didn’t care, and you tend to forget there’s anyone else in the room.
– the care: true to its name, it really is a light touch. Like seriously, light. It took me several weeks to see how it was helping. What I found was that this care has been peeling back many layers that have been contributing to stress in my body, which has been causing years of issues. I’ve cried during several visits (turns out it’s pretty common), and the emotional and physical relief I have felt has been amazing.

On top of the amazing staff, the great office, and the unique care, New Day offers a fantastic community element. They host monthly community dinners, several workshops and events, and are always looking for ways to partner with other local businesses. I’ve met several people through the practice whom I’ve developed friendships with outside of the practice, as we’ve run into each other at events and it’s made it easy to continue that relationship.

So bottom line, would I recommend New Day? Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ve starting bringing my two and a half year old here as well. You truly can’t put a price tag on good health, and New Day is a fantastic practice to help you on your journey to good health.

Jenna G., Chicago


Even though I’m certified in an energy medicine modality, I was still skeptical that the light touch used in Network Care could have a noticeable effect on my spine. I was very surprised by all the shifts and changes I felt after even a few sessions, and even more surprised at how other seemingly-unrelated parts of my life have improved. I’ve heard testimonials from some of Dr. Katie’s other practice members about how the care helps “move you forward” in life and this has been very true for me! The most gratifying result has been a lessening of anxiety as my “default” reaction. I no longer feel the same upward spiral of nervousness that I’ve felt for years. Receiving treatment has also been a great help in moving me through the symptoms of Lyme Disease. And as a bonus reward, I was just measured as being 1/2 inch taller than I’ve ever been!

I also very much appreciate the friendly staff and the focus on community. It really is an important part of the process, and Dr. Katie does a great job of bringing people together.The two words that come to mind as the result of Dr. Katie’s care are support and connection. I’ve experienced those qualities in ways that go far beyond the physical care of my spine!

Tammy L., Chicago


I love Dr. Katie!  Her work really supports the fact that mind, body and soul are connected.  Her light but very effective touch allows your body to heal itself.  If you are looking for an experience that really dives into why you are experiencing pain or discomfort and not just focused on the temporary fix, she is definitely the Dr for you.

Amy V., Chicago


I came to New Day by referral and actually had no idea what Network Spinal Care even was.  At first I was skeptical but I noticed a huge change from the very first treatment.  I had been dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms for almost 2 years.  At first I was totally satisfied in just relieving the chronic and constant pain, sleeping issues and brain fog.  But I actually received much more!  Since I have started care, I have noticed that I am more centered, balanced, focused, empowered etc.  I have increased my inner strength and core strength.

There have been challenges along the way with being able to afford treatment, but how could I afford NOT to have treatment?  We have overcome this and have moved forward to now my husband starting treatment as well.  Our goal is to have our toddler in treatment right along with us!  The treatments and care we receive from Dr. Katie not only improve our health, but many other things as well!

Dawn W., Hammond IN

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I discovered Dr Katie and NSA while at a shop where she was giving short demonstrations of NSA. Dr Kate explained to me that it is gentle touch chiropractic work. She was warm and inviting and I’m always interested in trying something new so I had a short session with her. Just after a few minutes of NSA I felt relaxed and more in tune with my body. So I signed up for the NSA overall assessment and start on my journey to being pain free.

I had chronic shoulder/upper back pain. I tried other methods of healing and basically decided I’d have to live with this constant dull pain. After a few visits with Dr Kate the pain had lessen & I was feeling better. I now have easy movement in my shoulders/upper back and neck. I also feel better in my body. I walk with greater sense of ease and feel lighter. The big bonus is I feel happier & more at peace! I actually feel less stressed out!

Dr Katie is a loving soul with a gentle touch and has a deep understanding of NSA and is committed to great health. She incorporates essential oils in her work as well, which adds another level of healing.

I’m looking forward to more sessions with Dr Katie as now my posture is starting to improve. I see a future for myself with a healthy body and a happier life that is pain free!

Julie S., Chicago


As teenager and into adulthood, I participated in several contact sports including football, basketball, motocross, etc. Long story short, I have beaten up my body over the years. In fact, I was in so much chronic pain that there were many days I could not get out of bed. I was desperate for relief, so over the past 15 years I was treated by several traditional chiropractors and physical therapists. I was also treated with acupuncture and medications. Nothing has been effective for sustained pain relief.

When I first heard of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), I must admit I was a bit skeptical. How could gentle touches to my body release old patterns of tension and chronic pain. Thankfully, I was at least willing to give it a try given my long history of back pain and insomnia. After my first visit to New Day, Dr. Katie thoroughly explained NSA and gave me my first treatment. I was amazed that I felt significantly better after 1 week of Dr. Katie’s care. I now have had several treatments and it is like nothing that I have experienced before. The best way I can describe it is it feels like my body is learning how to heal itself. My body seems to be repairing itself from the inside out. I’m amazed.

New Day is a clean inviting facility with caring staff. Dr. Katie is a gentle spirit and a masterful NSA professional. I am well on my way to a whole new way of living that is pain free, and I am sleeping better than I have in years. I am so thankful for Dr. Katie and the New Day staff. I highly recommend anyone who is having issues with pain, insomnia, stress or anxiety to make an appointment to see Dr. Katie. #lifechanging

Dan H., Chicago


I had never heard of network care until a friend had highly recommended it. My issues were more emotional than physical, so how could a chiropractor help me? I was curious about it because it deals with moving energy through the body using ‘light touch.’ I decided to give it a try.

After my initial appointment with Dr. Katie, I walked out feeling lighter, everything appeared clearer. I giddily thought, maybe this is doing something? After my second appointment, I felt achy and tired the rest of the day and I knew the ‘light touch’ was working. I noticed that my body popped and cracked naturally as I moved, not through force of a typical chiropractor.

Over the past year, as I’ve received care, I have been through ups and downs as layers of emotional stress have been peeled away. And when that stress shows up in my body, I no longer feel it after a session. My perception has changed and I’ve had many insights. I’ve learned to focus on what’s working in my life rather than what needs to be fixed. It has opened me up to creative ideas in my business and helped me to make better decisions. I am more optimistic about the future.

Dr. Katie brings people together for events and I truly feel the support of the community. She is engaged in educating her clientele about network care and is committed to sharing her knowledge. It still surprises me when, after a session, she’ll mention what she was working on and it will be exactly the same intuitive hit I’ll get during the session. We’re in sync.

This is not a quick. If you’re looking to partner with someone on a healing journey, I highly recommend Dr. Katie at New Day.

Lisa P., Chicago


Been seeing Dr. Katie Ray for two months and I’m already getting results. My bladder is better, bowels are better, posture is better, sleep is better and even the way I walk feels more relaxed and comfortable. I love this woman’s treatment.

Regina R., Chicago


My motivation for starting network care was to restore my health, I heard about NSA from my daughter that practices Chiropractic in Peru South America. She began receiving treatment and noticed a difference in her overall life. She became a certified NSA practitioner along with her husband. She said that this was the type of care I needed, so I began my search and found Dr. Katie. After my first few visits pain that I was having in my low back was gone!! I had been under previous Chiro care and I never saw the results that I saw with the NSA visits. I found myself pain free able to move more. This motivated me to continue care. I honestly don’t ever see myself going back for traditional Chiropractic. After each visit I feel amazing.

Since beginning care I have lost about 43 pounds. I believe that the NSA care is helping me to reach a higher level of existence. I have started eating an oil free wholefoods plant based diet. Eating this way gives me more energy, I no longer need to worry about counting calories, i t is freeing. Sometimes it takes me 2-2.5 hours to drive in from Elgin in rush hour traffic I do this because of the way I feel after my session. I feel renewed and energized. I am looking to continue my health journey, continue evolving in the coming year into the best me I can be.

Kathy C., Elgin IL


After a serious biking accident and totaling my car all in a week’s time, I decided it was time to start shopping around for a chiropractor. Being that I am a personal trainer, I already had a couple on my radar. Dr. Katie was the third I trialed. I was both skeptical and curious about her practice. The curiosity won over the skepticism, because after two sessions, I decided to buy the whole package! I wasn’t sure it worked, but I knew that I walked out of her office both times seeing the world in a different way. Btw, I am broke as hell, and Dr. Katie graciously worked out a payment system that would work for me!

As for concrete results, the extremely irritating burning I’d experience in my shoulders and neck as a result of those accidents are virtually gone. and only return when I feel under extreme stress. I have incredible awareness of my posture – even more than before even as a functional trainer! I sleep and drink water – I know this sounds strange, but I never realized that I was out of touch with my body’s cueing for basic needs. And most of all, I really, REALLY look forward to days that I am having treatment because I know the rest of my day will be filled with joy and abundant amounts of gratitude. I can’t describe it. I am about to start crying with joy even as I sit here and write about it.

What I LOVE about Dr. Katie’s practice is her emphasis on education. She has a series of educational evenings that are free where she teaches what is actually going on in the body as you move through the different phases of her practice. It’s one thing to be treated, and it’s quite another to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind what she is doing…especially considering how ‘froo-froo’ the whole thing seems. How can a series of light touching actually adjust anything? It’s pretty miraculous and has even has me considering learning this method of healing.

I am so thankful for having found New Day and Dr. Katie, and so grateful to my body for being such an open vessel.

Kira E., Chicago, IL


I have been seeing Dr. Katie for several months and I would highly recommend her practice. I was originally introduced to Network Care by a massage therapist but really had no idea what to expect. This gentle touch form of chiropractic care is very relaxing and does not include any of the harsh adjustments that you might be familiar with from a traditional chiropractor. The biggest difference with this type of care for me was making the connection between the emotional and physical and how that might be impacting the pain I was feeling. Not only can I see and feel improvements in my spine, but I have learned about the power of breathing and how to feel great while in treatments AND in my everyday life as well.

Lisa F., Chicago, IL


Wow! I’ve done a lot of body work and alternative medicine healing in my tim -I’ve pretty much tried everything under the sun for chronic tightness in my low back and neck as well as fatigue. I received a greater impact with Dr. Katie in just 12 sessions than I have in the last 9 years of trying other modalities. My chronic tension is gone, after being told by other providers that this was just something I would have to live with. Likewise, my fatigue have improved too. I realized how much of my fatigue was exacerbated by deep chronic holding in my spinal muscles.

Dr. Katie was incredibly kind, attentive and offered a very thorough explanation of her techniques at our in-person consultation. She has a strong knowledge of body-based healing and made an effort to really wrap her head around my presenting symptoms. I’ve tried a lot of treatments over the years and, consequently, I ask a lot of questions. Her approach was very dialogic, patient, respectful and comprehensive.

I’m a card-carrying believer in Network Chiropractic now. I talk about it so much to my friends, almost as if I had stock in the company or something! I’ll be continuing through my package of 24 sessions with Dr. Katie and will likely stay with this modality for some time. Compared to other complementary healing modalities out there, the price is fine -especially considering Dr. Katie’s hours and availability. I wish I would have known about this 9 years ago instead of spending so much money in wrong direction 😀 Cheers!!!!

Joseph P., Chicago


Dr Katie is awesome! She is very kind, attentive, and knows how to help people!! I highly recommend!!

Matt S. Chicago


Dr. Katie is a miracle worker. I had a 90 percent improvement after my first visit — and that came without all the popping, twisting and cracking that I’ve experienced at traditional chiropractors.

I’ve gone to traditional chiropractors before with running injuries, and I cannot deny their methods worked better, faster and for less $ than physical therapy had. But I dreaded the popping, cracking, etc. that came with it.

This time around, I am pregnant and was having severe muscular pain in both upper legs and some lower back pain. (The latter is common with pregnancy, but the former is not.) Some days, it was painful just to stand up from a seated position, let alone do basic things like climb stairs, carry a basic bag of groceries, take the dog out or exercise her. Even though my husband did everything he could to take on those tasks, it was a very unwelcome adjustment for me to simply not be very mobile and to have to concentrate just to get up from a chair. When I climbed the stairs, I’d have to hold the hand just because I didn’t have the strength and stability I normally would.

I knew I wanted to try a chiropractor, but I definitely didn’t want a traditional type of treatment this time. I had met Katie at a networking group about 2 years ago and knew she practiced a new kind of chiropractic that was much more gentle and didn’t involve any of the cracking, twisting, etc.

I scheduled an appointment and could not believe the difference. It’s unbelievable. Her methods are more like going in for a nap and a light massage. You lay on a massage table, and she uses her hands to apply incredibly light pressure to different parts of your spine and back. There’s zero pain and discomfort. I don’t know how it works, but I do know that it DOES work, it’s pain free and it’s relaxing. I’ve nearly fallen asleep every time I’ve been there.

As I said, I felt 90 percent better after 1 visit. I’ve since been back 3 times, and my pain is nearly gone completely. I feel stronger overall when it comes to hiking up the stairs to the condo (hand railing optional!), walking the dog, and doing basic every day things that require some effort and stability on your feet. For the last few days, I’ve been able to get the dog out to the lakefront and walk completely pain-free.

If you’re looking for chiropractic results without the traditional methodology, I cannot say enough good things about New Day Network and Dr. Katie Ray.

Angi S., Chicago


If I could give Dr. Katie and NEW DAY 10 stars, I would! This is not a standard, chiropractic experience with rough cracking of your neck and back, etc. The care addresses whatever issues you may be having at a much deeper level.

1) I learned that the care is aimed at keeping your body’s cells in a more consistent state of growth (cells are either in a state of growth or a state of defense). We need that defense in the right moments but if you are living in “defense mode” or “emergency mode” for too long, this can make you lose bone density, muscle mass and can break down your immune system (as well as other unpleasant effects!) No bueno, right?

2) I respect and appreciate Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins, greatly. They both swear by network care (talk about validation 🙂

3) I can’t even believe how much stress and negativity I have let go of in just a matter of weeks of receiving this care. I sleep better now and have a more positive outlook in general. Not to mention I can already see the positive difference it has made in my posture!

If you are used to being cracked, paying your fee, feeling “kind of better” but then going back to your uncomfortable state and then… “rinse/repeat” this will be a radically new experience. If you are clued into homeopathy, I would venture to say that it is similar; it actually goes to the root of the issues to neutralize them and allow you to grow stronger as opposed to the “band-aid” and placebo effects of a lot of AMA and standard chiro practices.

It takes bravery to want to be better in all aspects of life and I know in my heart that network care and Dr. Katie will remain a big part of my personal growth from now on. I can’t sing enough praise to do it all justice, but I HIGHLY recommend the services! Happy day to you 🙂

Jeremy G., Chicago


Originally met Dr. Katie Ray at a neighborhood business networking event she hosted – and through a series of events (being new to the neighborhood; my original chiropractor being too far away; and, me falling down stairs and hurting myself), decided to try her more gentle version of chiropractic care, which bears more resemblance to acupressure or acupuncture (without the needles) than the usual chiro care I’d become accustomed (and loved).

Have to admit, I tend to be a skeptic about new health care methodologies – especially when they seem too “easy” – but after suffering for over a week with a bruised tailbone and stiff hip/back from the fall, within a few hours of the treatment from Dr. Ray, was almost pain free. Her expert approach – taking a great history; learning about my own health care/life goals and therapeutic touch with follow-up measurement won me over as much as the outcome of the initial care. Have since seen her semi-regularly and have much more flexibility and energy than before – which helps me towards my goals of improving my health (losing weight through more activity to become overall healthier).

Additionally, she is “community” oriented – hosts regular events for those interested in connecting with other clients, as well as their friends. Have made many friends and new business contacts. The Dr. is a lovely person, as is her staff and the facility a calm, relaxing place for care.

Do your body a favor and check out Dr. Katie Ray and the New Day Network Wellness Center!

Cassie D. Chicago


Dr. Katie’s work with me has been nothing short of a miracle!!! I have been living and working on an organic farm, in central IL. Having moved from Chicago, IL last year, I had left my wellness resources behind. The work on the farm can be physically challenging and I developed a knot in my neck that had made every part of my life a difficult challenge.

In the past I have seen 3 different Chiropractors through the years for different issues. Just thinking about someone manipulating and attempting to adjust my neck, seemed and felt like an impossible task. I allowed the condition to linger for 6 weeks, reaching awful circumstances, like jumping out of bed with shooting pain, just from moving my head.

I am a Spiritual person, and I ask spirit for help with this situation. I happen to be at a social function on a visit to Chicago, when I met Dr. Katie, and I knew right away she could help. I scheduled an appointment right away and got miraculous relief that same day. Made it back for a couple more sessions over the next few weeks and I was back to a place where I could sleep through the night and work through the week without pain and the tense in my neck was gone.

Recently, I have been back for maintenance and overall wellness sessions and their working perfectly for my needs. The methods of this type of Chiropractic care are amazing! To be able to treat and help me and others without manipulating and adjusting the spine and body is Miraculous!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,
Lots and Lots of Gratitude,

Shiva A., Eureka IL


Since I was a little girl I had always been exposed to alternative medical treatments and techniques, though had never encountered NSA. I had been suffering from a severe abdominal pain for a couple long months when I decided to try out Dr. Katie’s chiropractic care. After spending thousands of dollars at the local hospital getting every test imaginable to diagnose this mystery pain, I decided there was nothing left to lose except the excruciating pain. Within a few short weeks I was already seeing a drastic improvement with painful episodes happening less and less. After sitting in hospital rooms for days on end and traditional doctors not finding anything wrong, Dr. Katie reminded me that listening to my body, and nervous system was the first step to treating my pain. NSA really is an incredible alternative to typical chiropractic and I cannot give Dr. Katie enough praise for her passion and knowledge towards her work.

Michaela G., Chicago


First, I will say that I don’t write a lot of reviews, but after my experience with Dr. Katie and New Day Wellness Center, I feel compelled to dust off my fingers and get to it.

I have had a low functioning shoulder for almost two years. I’ve gone to physical therapy and multiple other chiropractors in the past, but lucky for me that I’ve found Dr. Katie. Now, thanks to her, I’ve finally started to feel change and healing that has alluded me for so long. Not only that, my posture is actually improved.

She’s not a run of the mill Chiropractor. She works with an approach called Network Spinal Analysis Care. At first, when she just made light touches to my neck and spine instead of the hard core, normal chiropractic spinal manipulation, I felt sort of unsatisfied – I mean how is this supposed to help me? BUT, then, I started to realize that I paid more attention to how I was walking around during the day. I felt that I was holding a little less tension in my body. Luckily, because she spends so much time empowering and informing her patients, I found out that she’s basically resetting how my brain handles stress signals with the use of this chiropractic approach. We all hear about how powerful our brain is in the realm of physical ailments, but I now have firsthand proof. Quite honestly, I realize that I could’ve used her process even if I didn’t have a bum shoulder. It’s truly made me stand taller.

I am grateful to be a part of the community that she has created and I’m thankful for the hope that I have for a fully recovered shoulder.

Thank you Dr. Katie! In this stressful world, I think that everyone can use her care.

Shruti S., Chicago


I started seeing Dr. Katie because I had chronic neck and shoulder pain and poor posture. Since I started seeing her, my posture improved immensely and I have much better mobility and energy. Physically I am much improved and I have a better outlook on life in general.
Dr. Katie took the time on the initial visit to understand me as a person to discover how what was going on in my life was affecting my physical health. She uses a holistic approach to treatment, is very compassionate and extremely skilled in applying the techniques of network spinal analysis. I would recommend her to anyone with health issues which may be related to the spine.

Ken J, Chicago


I had been experiencing back discomfort with radicular symptoms into my legs for several months. I’d been to physical therapy and had continued to do my home exercise program. Though my symptoms had indeed improved, I still had some residual ones. I came to a point where I wanted to try an alternative approach in the hopes of mixing things up and ideally hitting the ‘reset’ button on my body. A friend of mine had been to Dr. Katie and spoke very highly of the treatment she had received from her, so I decided to give New Day Network Wellness Center a try. Even after just a few sessions, I felt a reduction in my symptoms allowing me to comfortably return to my ‘normal’ activities (ex: long distance travel, golf, running). Dr. Katie is professional and gentle in her approach. She helped get my body back in sync and also gave me an increased awareness of my body/posture. I would highly recommend Dr. Katie to others.

Brittany M, Chicago IL


When I think of Katie’s practice, the first thought that comes to mind is- Katie Rays work is life changing- gentle yet empowering- her work on my spine has helped me in so many ways, I’m not sure where to begin. When I first saw Katie, I was not aware that my system was that wound up, tense and also that I was in a way moving through life accepting that my neck had become straight from many years of strenuous dance training and also stress. The way that I interacted with the world was one that was more on the defensive and guarded, in a way that I can see clearly today. Seeing Katie regularly for just about three months, I can not only see a difference, I can also feel a difference.

Her work has helped my spine, but more impact-fully, helped me find my center, helped me open up in a way I was not aware I could be. Now I can literally- just Be and also now move through the world with more ease and can make decisions from a much more relaxed place – positive changes to feel confident about. Much more than what I signed up for! This work is about transformation, about growth. If you are open to healing and moving forward in life, see Katie. Through this process, I have come to know that Katie is truly a healer in her own right.

Rose Y, Chicago IL


Dr. Katie is an outstanding and thoughtful practitioner, and her approach to care is unique and effective. I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain for a very long time and have had little success in improving it despite continuous treatment over the years. After just one month of treatments with Dr. Katie, I began experiencing results. Activities like prolonged sitting and standing, as well as sleeping, were guaranteed triggers for pain and discomfort, and already this is no longer the case. For anyone out there who has struggled to find the right type of treatment for their pain, I highly recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Katie. I’ve already recommended her to others and will continue to do so in the future.

Joy D, Chicago IL


Working with Dr. Katie at New Day Network Wellness Center has been a completely transformative experience for me. I am not new to chiropractic care, but when I started with Dr. Katie I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of NSA and had no knowledge of that modality except that it was going to be very different from what I was used to.

NSA is a much more subtle technique than any other type of chiropractic care I have received, but the results have been tremendous. It is hard to really put into words how it has affected me, other than that I feel like a completely different person. I tend to be a somewhat anxious person and have not had a bout of anxiety or any panic attacks since I began working with Dr. Katie. I feel more calm, relaxed, happier and positive, and significantly more in tune with my body.

What really hit the nail on the head for me was Dr. Katie’s seminar. She hosts a short seminar for new patients that explains exactly what NSA is and its benefits. I was unable to attend until about three months into my sessions with her. Everything she said about the benefits of NSA and how it works with and for your nervous system was dead on for me. And it was great going to the seminar AFTER I had so many sessions with her because I knew what I was hearing was not giving me any kind of “placebo” effect. I already KNEW that it was working and hearing the facts just validated what I already knew!

Of course I can’t write a review without saying something about Dr. Katie herself. She is incredibly knowledgeable about NSA and has a very calming demeanor. I feel very comfortable with her and being in her care. I anticipate working with her for a long time and if anyone reading this review is unsure about NSA I encourage you to try a few sessions with Dr. Katie! I promise it be nothing but a beneficial experience!

Ashley P., Chicago IL


I have been working with Dr Katie for a few months and have already seen some significant improvements in my posture and overall wellbeing. As a holistic health coach myself, I understand the importance and power the body has to heal itself. I had never met a chiropractor that works from this angle before and I am so happy that I have found her. Katie works with light touches that initiate the body to heal itself, instead of forcing the spine back into alignment. It has been joyful visiting Katie’s office and going through treatment with her.

I can’t recommend Katie and her New Day practice enough. Whether you are in a lot of pain or just want to take how you feel on a daily basis to the next level, she can help you!

Jen L, Chicago IL


Ready to discover the benefits of Network Care for yourself?