When **** gets real

When **** gets real

Chiropractic Care in Challenging Times

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For many of us, the past week may have felt like a particularly difficult time to be a human living in the United States. For some, it’s been a time of shock.  For others, a time of grief.  For others, a time of fear.  For me, I have needed to acknowledge the part of myself that wishes I could ignore what’s going on.  And I have needed to acknowledge the part of myself that is completely unsurprised by this recent turn of events, seeing it as an extension of hundreds of years of violence and racism, and therefore “there’s nothing I can do.”

I had a breakthrough in my thinking on this after I reflected on my intended blog topic for this week.  I was interested in writing a blog about how I see the best in you, my practice members, and that New Day is here to help you shine brighter in this world.

And that I know it’s not always easy for us to be in that vulnerable position as a patient/client/practice member.  We come to a practitioner and want to be seen for the best of who we are but often we feel like we are being seen as a problem, as a collection of parts to be fixed, as a complainer, and even sometimes as a trainwreck.

As your chiropractor, it may be that I see you “at your worst” at times.  And through doing that, you somehow need to trust that I see you for who you REALLY are.  I know it’s not always easy to trust, and I so appreciate how you are willing to trust Amber and I to hold that healing space for you.

So that is the jist of my intended blog.  And as I reflected on this blog topic further, I thought about how a reasonable person might ask, “Well, Dr. Katie.  How is it that you are supposedly able to see me, all of me, and not just my ‘problems’?  What makes you so special?  Are you really just such a nice person?  So evolved?  So disciplined?”

I remember back before I became a chiropractor, my old chiropractor, Dr. Liz, relayed a story of once when she was younger and someone asked her why she didn’t want to become a medical doctor instead of a chiropractor.  She responded something to this effect, “Medicine is for studying illness, finding illness, and treating illness.  I want to study health, treat health,  and create more of health in the world.”



I see you for your brilliance because it is my job to do so!  Your nervous system carries the intelligence needed to create and re-create every cell in your body.  Your nervous system carries the intelligence that heals you.  The health of your nervous system determines whether you get to experience yourself as the best of yourself– whole, perfect, and complete– on a regular basis.

The health of your nervous system determines whether you experience life from a place of pain, fear, and reaction or from a place of purpose, love, and gratitude.  When I work with you, I get to feel your nervous system reprogram from fight or flight based patterning to a program that expresses your health and brilliance.  And it’s not me doing it– it’s you!  There’s nothing like being a chiropractor for giving a person a positive outlook on life 🙂


Pictured– some of the changes in your nervous system under chronic stress!

Conventional wisdom would tell us that some problems are just too big for Network Care.  Where do we find the time, money, and focus for our care during challenging times?

But if you’ve ever had the experience of noticing yourself go from a place of pain, fear, and reaction to a place of peace, ease, and inspiration after spending 15 minutes on the table, you know there is nothing frivolous about a healthy nervous system when **** gets real.  In fact, it’s one of the things we need most.  And regularly, over time, as we evolve through life.

So whether it’s the state of the world today that’s got you feeling helpless and hopeless.  Or you’ve lost your job.  Or you’ve lost a loved one.  Or you’re in a break up.  Or. . . anything that has posed a significant and ongoing challenge to your nervous system’s ability to keep you healthy, energized, and inspired. . . I’ve got your back!  And your front!  And all the rest of you <3

Have you had a time when having been in Network Care made a difference for you in how you were able to handle a stressful situation?  How did that make a difference for you?  Please share your experience in the comments below 🙂


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