When I woke up this morning, I felt something amazing!

When I woke up this morning, I felt something amazing!

How did I forget about this?!


Good morning, world!

Whew!  I feel like a whole new woman today!  What a surprise!

And what’s crazy to me is that I can’t believe how surprised I am.  I’m surprised that I’m surprised!!

What’s this all about?  Why all the exclamation marks?

Well, yesterday after co-hosting an event with another Network Spinal chiropractor, Dr. Susan Gullion, she had time to adjust me before leaving New Day.  So yes, I got adjusted!

Some of you know that I don’t get care anywhere near as often as I would like, due to there not being another chiropractor who does this work living in the Chicago area.  So even though I preach the benefits of this life changing care, I don’t always get to experience the benefits of it for myself.

This morning when I woke up and was laying in bed, I found myself suddenly moving and stretching in a new kind of way.  It felt sooooo good!  It was like all of a sudden, after weeks of being in the dark, the lights were turned on.

I spent about a half an hour laying in bed, focusing, breathing, and moving in whatever ways my spine and body wanted to take me, the changes from the adjustments made the night before continuing to work their way through my system.

Then change in my nervous system has been profound.  I got up and went to work out with a completely different sense of my body.  Gone were the aches, pains, and tight muscles that I’d become so accustomed to managing.  The changed awareness directed me to do more with some exercises at the gym than I normally do, and less of some others.

I then came home and began work more focused and productive than I’ve been in weeks!

It’s often said, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”  In this case though, I did actually know.  But somehow I, of all people, forgot.  We can get used to anything, I guess.



We can get used to anything, especially when things get less good little, by little, by little.  The scary thing is how much more is going on than just aches, pains, and tension in our bodies when our spines and nervous systems aren’t functioning optimally.

Your nervous system — your brain and the nerves that run through your spinal cord — has the task of juggling the health and functionality of your entire body. Your heart, your lungs, your muscles, and even your thoughts and feelings, all function the way they do because of the signals sent between your brain and body through the nervous system.

If you’ve found a way to manage, get by, be “pretty good” (as long as you do this, that and the other stretching and other healing modalities and DON’T do a bunch of other things), I totally understand how that is.  It happens to everyone (apparently even me:))

Even if you really think you feel great, but you also remember what it was like to feel those lights turn on inside you through Network Spinal, you really probably owe it to yourself to experience the benefits in your health and your life again.  

We hear over and over again from our practice members that our care helps with so many things that it’s difficult to even measure the value it has in their lives.  At New Day we love helping people shine their brightest through optimizing the health of the nervous system and ensuring that there is nothing interfering with you being at your best.

We are sending this letter to you today to remind you that it is time to have your spine checked. Included is a special gift to make it easy for you to get going again that will expire June 15th.  

The gift and the expiration date are to encourage you, since most of us can be procrastinators. 🙂 As BJ Palmer, founder of chiropractic, said, “Procrastination is the thief of health.”

If now feels like the perfect time to get those lights turned on so that you can be a whole new you, we want to encourage you!

We look forward to helping you again!  Call 773 340-2225 to schedule, or email our front desk. It is an honor and privilege being on your team 🙂

Shine brightly today,

Dr. Katie and the New Day team


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