Why I am SO GRATEFUL for you!

New Day is Turning 3!

April has me feeling emotional about this amazing journey

Great afternoon, New Day!

Lately, I’ve been feeling ESPECIALLY grateful for this amazing New Daycommunity. April 13th marks the anniversary of our grand opening 3 years ago.

There have been so many changes and improvements to New Day over the past 3 years, accelerating in the past few months and giving us so many ways to serve you better. The renovation to the physical space helped produce some amazing many of these changes. Having Amber working full time as the NewDay office assistant, working tirelessly and enthusiastically to improve everyone’s experience in the office has taken also everything to the next level.

For my part, I have been feeling more focused than ever on your health and healing, now that so many of those other distractions that come with running a practice are off my plate. I can honestly say that the practice members at NewDay are getting more out of their care than ever before.

New practice members are getting better faster.  Experienced practice members are finding their next level and feeling how good it is commit to spinal health over the long term. The quality of the engagement, questions, and dialogue at our workshops and events has been unsurpassed. New Day, you are shining brighter than ever!

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I didn’t start out knowing I was going to come to Chicago and open my own Network Care chiropractic office. In fact, I didn’t start out knowing anything about chiropractic except that it was for people with back pain. Years later, after gradually becoming very aware that I was one of those people with back pain, I decided to give chiropractic a try.

Fast forward 2 years, and I was living in Chicago, starting a PhD program at Northwestern.  All I knew was that I wanted to make the world a better place through research and writing, and that at the same time I was feeling worse than ever in my spine and body. Through a serendipitous turn of events I found out about Network Care and my life changed forever.

3 years later I had left my PhD program for chiropractic school and was living in Marietta, Georgia, having no idea where I would end up when I graduated.  I was open to the possibilities, but was also certain that I would not be able to afford to open my own practice soon after chiropractic school. Being able to open one’s own practice, I had decided, was for people with money or rich families (unlike me, I thought).

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When I realized that practicing in Chicago was what I really wanted, I found that I had all kinds of help and encouragement from the people around me.  From the “facecloths” that we use on our chiropractic tables, to the colors on the walls, to a beautiful logo featuring the sun, it all started to come together.

My vision for New Day, and one that I hope you share, is as a community where all walks of life come to reconnect to the greatness within– the healing power of a healthy spine and nervous system and a brain and body that are working together– and use that experience to transform our lives, families, communities, and world.

Dr. Donny Epstein has a great quote that I will paraphrase here, that I LOVE and use often:

The point of Network Care isn’t for you (the practice member or patient) to get off the table thinking how great your practitioner is.  It isn’t even for you to get off the table thinking how great chiropractic care or Network Care is. It’s for you to get off the table, leave the practice, and go into your life with a feeling of how great YOU are.

Thank YOU for allowing me the privilege of being part of that experience, for each and every one of you. It’s the best job in the world!

To celebrate our 3 years of existence as a community, we are planning a special event in honor of YOU, our practice members, friends, family, and neighbors!

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We invite you, your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers. . . (the more the merrier!) to help us celebrate at our Practice Member Appreciation Day and Open House!  There will be food, fun, and socializing for the whole family.

Stay tuned for further details, but for now just mark your calendar and invite your friends!

Also, this is just the teaser email concerning the LIVE ENTERTAINMENT. We can hardly wait to reveal to you what that will be.  Stay tuned for updates!

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