Why you SHOULD wait to get your adjustment

Why you SHOULD wait to get your adjustment

This might be the opposite of what you think


Happy New Day of the New Year to you!

Can you believe it?  2019 already.  Someone told me the other day that the year 2040 is actually now closer to us than the year 1994 (the year that brought us Warren G’s “Regulate; G Funk Era” among other things).  Scary, right?  Time really, REALLY, flies.

It’s that time of year.  That time when we think about time.  And we set priorities.

It’s also the time when it is the busiest in our office.  You may have noticed this already, starting with the days right around our holiday closures.  New Day has been bursting with energy and aliveness!

But we recognize that sometimes it might feel annoying, inconvenient, and even frustrating– the idea that we might have to wait.  A delay that “shouldn’t be happening.”  After all, with the advent of apps like Uber and Lyft, Amazon Prime, online takeout ordering, and the like, it does start to feel like every aspect of our lives should be mechanized, timed, accounted for, and transactional.  When that’s not the case, it might feel like something’s wrong.

There are some practical ways to approach your time spent waiting to get on an adjusting table, that I will highlight in this video– so please watch this if it sounds helpful to you!

Beyond the tips presented in “What to do if you’re ‘waiting for your adjustment'” though, I am going to use the rest of this blog to go meta with you.  Big picture.  Is that ok? 🙂

New Day has a big mission to fulfill.  We are not satisfied to allow chiropractic care to be for the privileged few.  The ones already in the know.  And then we stop there and call it a day.

I recently discovered that in 2018 93 new practice members started care at New Day.  Not 93 people who came in for an initial visit.  93 people who actually started as new practice members this year.  Add that to all the souls who were already on board, so to speak, and that is a LOT of souls on board!

As the years go on, and the number of people we have had the opportunity to impact continues to increase, it makes sense that more and more newcomers will show up and see something for themselves, their families, and their communities through the care and New Day.  It’s an amazing blessing for our entire New Day community.

What it comes down to is this.  When you show up for care and there’s a wait for a table, it’s happening because it SHOULD be happening.  And not just in the spiritual sense that everything that’s happening SHOULD be happening (because it is).  It’s also because this waiting, this pause, gives you time to stop and consider your role.

As we discussed at last month’s Bright Souls gathering, for you to know if your adjustment “worked” or is “working,” you would first need to know what your starting point is.  What’s baseline today? What’s your awareness in your body?  In the space around you?  What are you focusing on?  What’s working?  And what doesn’t seem to be working? Whether you are someone who experiences Network Spinal as simply a helpful way to relax and reconnect, or whether you have an experience of the care as something that has literally saved your life (could be different on different days!), you get to become aware of the energy you bring.  Are you ready to meet me (and the other souls on board) halfway?  If not, can you get related to that?  What a perfect time that has been given to you to do that 🙂

It’s also useful to remember that New Day’s mission statement is as follows, “We connect individuals and families to a new experience of freedom, energy, and possibility.  Through engaging in the New Day community, our clients are lifted up higher and are able to shine brighter for the world, lighting up others as they contribute to a greater global future.”

Notice again that we say “through engaging in the New Day community.”  There are lots of other things we could say, including, “through Dr. Katie adjusting you.”

It is actually a bold statement that we believe our true best product is you and who you get to be through your experiences here, and the ripple effect that has. And by experiences, we mean all of them.  Consider the time you spend at New Day, all of it, to be your engagement with the community, through which you are lifted up higher and able to shine brighter for the world (as you do the same for others).  And that we are, as always in life, responsible for the energy we bring.

THANK YOU for prioritizing your health and the energy and aliveness you bring to New Day and the rest of your life.  Thank you for your generous sharing of this care with others through your referrals through our Holiday Gift program, and through the rest of the year.

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