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Good morning, sunshines!

Things are changing all the time here at New Day, as is probably the case with you as well 🙂 We continue to work away on the office renovation, savoring each small change while becoming ever more excited about having the finished product at last! These changes will allow us to serve you at the highest level possible in your experience at New Day.

As I described in my last message, there was a time not very long ago when these changes felt like a distant dream. Now, with more energy available, possibilities are popping up like crazy!

It feels great to be in a Transform energy around the structure of our office! Thank you, everyone, for all your enthusiastic feedback thus far.

Check out some of the changes from this week below.




In the spirit of these changes, I am excited to announce a powerful event!

As many of you know, SRI with Essential Oils is our monthly workshop for you to establish and deepen your SRI practice.

SRI, for our newbies, is a modality created by Dr. Donald Epstein (creator of Network Care) that allows you to use breath and focus for healing. This healing can be for physical symptoms, pain, or feelings of “stuckness,” as well as creating different, more empowering and energizing circumstances in our lives. Essential oils deepen the healing process by tapping in to the emotional brain.

With everything going on at New Day right now, and to support the ability of all of the New Day community to start the new year powerfully, I am creating a special edition of SRI with Essential Oils:

. . . And in with the New!

New Years Healing with SRI and Essential Oils


Ready to officially clear any remaining clutter from 2015?

Want to set the tone for your best year ever?

At this workshop we will clear the energetic clutter in our physical bodies to make space for what’s coming next. Clear old patterns and powerfully declare exactly what you want in 2016 so that it will happen. You don’t want to miss this workshop!

This workshop will feature exercises special designed to amplify your energy (aka your ability to GET THINGS DONE!). And of course, there will be some exciting new essential oils to help us!

This workshop is free for new practice members attending for the first time, as part of your initial care plan. The regular cost is $25.


. . . And in with the New!
New Years Healing with SRI
with Essential Oils

Saturday, January 16th



RSVP by calling 773 340-2225

or register through Eventbrite

Register through Eventbrite NOW!

Thank you for all that you do to make your families, workplaces, and communities better, just by being who you are! I look forward to seeing you at your sessions this week.

Love and blessings,

Dr. Katie

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