Workshops and events. . . why bother?

Workshops and Events. . . 

Why bother??

Good morning, bright ones!

As you know from reading my emails over the years, workshops and events have always been a big part of the experience at New Day.  You can always count on some event announcements in every newsletter we send! 😉

But seriously, why?  Why bother having all these events?

Over the almost 6 years since opening New Day I have, on numerous occasions, received this feedback from casual observers of the practice:

“I see that you offer a lot of workshops and events for your clients.  That’s nice of you!  But how do you have time for all of that?”

Honestly, our workshops and events are my favorite part of having a practice.  But it’s not because I’m SO nice, and just love giving so much of myself and my time.  Nor is it because I just love the sound of my own voice and imparting “knowledge” on my practice members.

Last Sunday’s Healing Intensive at New Day with Dr. Susan, myself, and 9 amazing practice members!

Workshops and events are a key part of the experience at New Day because we get to go from consumers to active participants and contributors to the collective, and in so doing we experience ourselves differently.  We transform.  And it’s not a one time deal.  If you ever feel like you’re in a rut in your care (and/or in life), committing to a workshop is the perfect way to re-engage that process.

The reality is, in every moment we are either contributing, or we are taking away.  Being in a group adjusting room like we have at New Day allows us to begin that process of perceiving the reality– that we are part of a collective– more and more often in our lives.

When you start care and I see you for the first time at SRI or another one of our workshops, I get really excited.  I’m excited for the whole new you that you are going to know yourself as through this experience.  This experience of a whole new you isn’t a side bonus to hanging around New Day; being a member of a community is what it’s all about.

One thing that has changed recently (and if you’re very observant you might have noticed) is that I have reconfigured the workshops to meet the needs of our changing community.  It’s a work in progress, but here’s the gist of what’s happening.

It became clear over the past year or so that the workshop schedule was heavily weighted toward educating and integrating our newer practice members.   As time went on, a larger percentage of our practice members had been in care for 1 year or more, and had done all the introductory workshops.  You’re growing up, y’all!

It was necessary to change gears and allocate more time and energy to some of our more seasoned practice members as well as the newer bright lights.  And hence, the Bright Souls Gathering was born.

Our Bright Souls Gathering is a regularly held gathering for the leaders and influencers in the New Day community to experience and share together to bring even more value from the care into their lives.  This upcoming gathering will focus on the distinction between the seasons of Transform and Awaken.  Whether you are new to New Day and Network Spinal and are unfamiliar with the Levels of Care, or you already know something and would like to experience more, this workshop is for you!!

To contribute your energy and aliveness to this conversation, please RSVP for the Wednesday, March 13th Bright Souls Gathering by clicking here





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