You are not a turkey

You are not a turkey!


Nor are you a ham 🙂


Good morning to you, New Day– Chicago and beyond!  I hope you are settling in to the first normal(ish) week since the holidays.  For my part, as some of you know, I am 9 days into a dietary cleanse AND beginning DAY 4 of no caffeine.  Wheeeee!

Now, to the topic at hand.

You might think that my telling you that you’re not a turkey or a ham is some kind of foolish joke.  Bear with me though, I have something important to share with you about these points.

There are a lot of things that a person could say to describe chiropractic care and what makes it different from a medical approach.  The same is true for other alternative forms of care out there (including BEMER and essential oils as well) and what makes them different from medicine.

You might think alternative healing is different than medical care because it happens in a different sort of setting, or because it treats different sorts of ailments.  Maybe they seem different because of the differently trained and licensed doctors or practitioners performing the care.  Chiropractic and alternative healing modalities may also seem different because you get a different result or because there’s a different way the care makes you feel compared to medicine.

There’s something else though.  The other day, something popped into my head that I read about 8 years ago.  I remember that it made a big impression on me at the time, and so I was happy to have it come back to me.

That something, a sentence, read something to the effect of, “You could no more adjust the spine of a cadaver than you could create a bruise on a ham!”



This memorable quote came from a book called “Medicine, Monopolies, and Malice; How the Medical Establishment Tried to Destroy Chiropractic in the United States” by Chester Wilk, DC.

The book, which was assigned reading in an early quarter class in chiropractic school, detailed the true story of a federal antitrust lawsuit brought by chiropractors against the American Medical Association alleging a decades long conspiracy to end the chiropractic profession.  The chiropractors won, by the way.  Talk about some hidden history!

At any rate, as a comment on these true events the author, one of the 4 chiropractors who brought the lawsuit, expressing exasperation at some of the questionable evidence being brought into court by the medical side, made his comment about chiropractic and hams.

What I’m trying to tell you is that it’s important to understand that one of the main differences between chiropractic care and medical care is a difference in philosophies.

Chiropractic is based on a vitalistic philosophy.  What that means, in a nutshell, is that you are a living system, the whole of which cannot be reduced to a sum of parts.  The life within you, through your brain, spine, and nervous system, is in charge of making you, growing you, and in charge of healing you.  There is no adjustment without a living system. In the same way, you cannot bruise a slab of meat by pressing your fingers into it. In fact, the chiropractic “adjustment” as we call it isn’t the mechanical force introduced by the chiropractor, it’s what your nervous system and body DO with that force.

You are not a ham.  You are also not a turkey.  Adjusting you longer and harder, or cranking up the settings on BEMER doesn’t cook you faster.  Nothing changes from within you without full engagement and participation of your nervous system and body.  Drugs, one of the main tools of the medical profession, work instead by hijaking your system.  There are times when it may be necessary, but it’s not the most sustainable approach for daily life.

I have chosen to include Network Spinal, BEMER, and essential oils in my practice because of the way these help your nervous system turn on the life within you.  I hope that you remember at your next appointment that you– even in the level below your consciousness– are they key ingredient to your health, energy, and aliveness.

I look forward to helping you in this process at your appointments this week 🙂


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