You have the ability to heal yourself in just minutes

You have the ability to heal yourself in just minutes

But it does take practice!


Good morning, New Day!

If you’re anything like me, you might have read the subject line of this email and felt an initial sense of curiosity and interest.

But then you read “But it takes practice” and thought “UGH! There’s the catch!”

Maybe this has always been the case for humans, or maybe it’s just more the case now in our zero-attention span society, but I notice a tendency within us to think that for something to “work” it should “work” IMMEDIATELY.  If not, we’ve already lost interest and moved on to our next thing.

We become, as I call them, “healing hoppers.”

The moment we aren’t having a completely effortless experience that meets our need for certainty, we suddenly decide we must need some new treatment, approach, or practitioner.

What’s missing in all of this is self awareness, so that we won’t be stuck in an endless cycle of seeking out more and more new modalities and techniques.  Having self awareness takes dedicated practice.

But the good news is– you are ALREADY in a dedicated practice!

If you were already learning Spanish, and had a goal of mastering a foreign language, would you then stop and start learning Greek instead?  No!  You would hopefully keep learning and building on what you’d already learned.

You have already dedicated time and energy to your care at New Day.  And you’ve made such a great investment!  Getting more and better results for where you are in your health and your life right now may require putting in a little focused effort at times, so that you can build on the work you’ve already done.  This is a lot less effort and much more effective than healing hopping 🙂 Even if you’ve been out of the practice, out of care, or haven’t been to an SRI workshop since you were new in care, you are in a perfect position to do that.

SRI was created by Donny Epstein, creator of Network Spinal.  SRI furthers the goals of Network Spinal by giving us another tool and a practice for increasing our awareness in our bodies.

This work is so important that we have a once monthly workshop at New Day, and have for most of the last 6 years, for you to learn and practice . If you haven’t been to the SRI workshop yet, or if you have and are ready to take another opportunity to further your progress, please RSVP at your next visit or by clicking here.


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