Are they curious? Desperate? Lucky?

Are they curious? Desperate? Lucky?

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Or some combination of all 3??

Happy holidays, New Day!

By the way, you can probably tell based on our new photography (above) how much we like cold wintry weather (not very much at all!).

I was thinking recently about how for most of our practice members, as well as for myself, we stumbled upon Network Spinal and New Day seemingly by accident.  Through either curiosity, desperation, luck, or some combination of these, we found our way to this care.

For me, it was definitely all 3!

It’s amazing to me when I really stop to consider all the things that had to happen previously in my life for me to have stumbled upon this care.  It’s even amazes me to stop and consider all the things that had to happen to lead to my sitting here, writing to you right now!  I never could have predicted it all.

And as awesome it is to consider the magical chain of events that lead us to discover chiropractic, Network Spinal, and New Day, it can be even more awesome to consider how YOU can actually play a pivotal role in someone else’s magical chain of events!

Slightly off topic, BUT I needed some sort of holiday themed image– and isn’t Scrooged the best holiday movie?? 😉

There is a Chinese saying that goes: “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.”

I’m sure you have all sorts of ways of helping people– lending a hand to a friend, donating your time and money, etc.  But what about recommending something to them that could change their life?

This holiday season, as we begin our Holiday Gift Program, I want to encourage you to pause and consider someone, it might be someone you know very well, or it might be someone you’ve only met once or twice.  What if Network Spinal could make all the difference for them, in ways you or they couldn’t even predict!

Every year, as a holiday gift, we give you the opportunity to give an initial visit of care to someone in your life who could benefit from being part of this community– at no cost to you or them.

Worst case scenario, the person isn’t interested and thanks you anyway.

Best case scenario, you get to be a hero in someone’s life!

How it works

Simply bring in the names and mailing addresses of those you would like to give a gift to, and we will send them a holiday card with a gift certificate for their initial visit and follow up report ($150 value) and a letter that explains how to schedule their appointment.  You can sign the card and write a little note if you like, so that your friend will know it’s from you and will feel excited to call us!

Do you know someone who’s been wanting to try this?

Maybe you have a friend or colleague who’s curious; they’ve seen the changes in you since you started care and they wonder what it’s all about.  Or maybe you’ve recently met someone who’s desperate for a change.  This is the perfect opportunity for them!

Just their luck!

You might even consider gifting an initial visit and follow up report to someone who you’re not too sure would want or need care.  This is the time of year when myself, Amber, Diana, Diane and I are ready and willing to give as much of ourselves as possible as a gift to our practice members and the families and communities they are part of.  We are happy for the opportunity to spread the word about the life-changing benefits of chiropractic to as many people as possible!

And to make it even easier

We know that remembering to bring names and addresses to your appointment could be challenging! If you think of someone, and would like us to address your gifts and sign your cards for you, we can do that too! Just email or call us to reserve your holiday gifts for your recipients (CLICK HERE!)

The Holiday Gift is available for a limited time, and in limited quantity, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Don’t forget to email or text your contacts to get their mailing addresses today!

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