Awake, aware, and alive– is that you?

Awake, aware, and alive– is that you?



What to do when you feel like your adjustments “wear off”


Good morning, refreshing New Day!

This past Thursday night I met with some of the brightest lights in our New Day community for a conversation around “How to prepare for care”– what you can do to prepare and therefore get the most out of your adjustments.

I was surprised (and a little overwhelmed) by the response to a workshop I have never offered; we had 22 practice members in attendance!

As takeaways, I want to share 5 ideas that we discussed for you to marinate on.  We had so much interesting discussion on these at the workshop!



1) I did NOT stress this at the workshop, but I will do so here.  Network Spinal, as a form of chiropractic, works to help you by impacting your spine and nervous system in a way that changes how your brain and body function.  It works whether or not you understand it, think about it, plan for it, or not.  However, learning to be responsible for how we feel, how we feel about how we feel, and the energy we bring IS part of this system of care.  And so it makes sense that we attract so many practice members who like to optimize and get MORE out of this care and everything they do!  If that is you, read on 🙂

2)Less force and more presence.  Sometimes we sabotage ourselves by thinking that actively “preparing for care” takes more time and effort that we have, and so we should just surrender to a passive, disengaged experience.  I don’t believe that not having enough time is a problem; the barrier is more often that we don’t know ourselves and our bodies well enough yet to be able to prepare for care in the most efficient and effective manner.  When you focus the right way, 10-30 seconds should suffice, and it can even be the first 10-30 seconds you spend on the adjusting table.

3) Know your superpower.  When you know yourself, your body, your spine, and the most energy rich way you experience care, you will have the tools not just to “prepare for care” but to continue your care as a process through checking in with yourself throughout your week as well as during your time on the table.  Should you be focusing on behavior, structure, or perception based ways of experiencing?  And what way of focusing would be the most energy poor, unsuccessful way of focusing for you?  I can help you work with these concepts.  Learning more about you in this way lays the groundwork for an empowered, energy rich experience.

4) Know your outcome.  Many of us can think of times when we have experienced a major change during or after an adjustment.  But a change in what?  We need to know when we are operating in Discover, Transform, or Awaken “seasons” or levels of care.  A quick check in with yourself in your body and life experience, noticing whatever it is you are focusing on and how energized that focus may or may not leave you feeling, utilizing your superpower or “lead strategy,” should help you with knowing your desired outcome.  If these are all new terms to you, you can learn more at the SRI workshop and future Bright Souls events.

5)  Process, not an event.  If you’ve been thinking of your adjustments as me fixing something, putting something good into you, or taking something bad out of you, these ideas might be contributing to a feeling that your adjustments just gradually “wear off” between visits.  The way your adjustments actually work is that I am helping your nervous system get into a different state.  That state I have nicknamed “awake, aware, and alive.”  It may feel hard, at times, to access that state between visits, due simply to the stresses we encounter on a daily basis.  But by having this different awareness of how the adjustment works, by using your superpower, and by knowing your season, you can be active in a process around Network Spinal and how the care benefits you in your life.  I have added this new “leaving the office mantra” on the door to remind you of this as you leave 🙂

If you felt like any of the above went right over your head– do not worry!  Be confident that you learned the tidbit you need.  Always feel free to ask questions at your visits, but even more importantly if you are someone who wants MORE out of your experience of care, attending workshops such as the SRI Workshop and the Bright Souls gathering are important ways to go deeper.  You might also consider attending the Transformational Gate in Denver in February, and/or a Healing Intensive offered at New Day by myself and Dr. Susan Gullion (also in February– date TBA).


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