“Can chiropractic help with _______?” YES!

One of the most common questions I get when I am talking to someone about chiropractic is whether or not chiropractic can help with their primary health conern.

“Can it help a colicky baby?”

“Can it help with headaches?”

“Can it help with allergies?”

“Can it help with hormonal imbalances?”

The answer myself or virtually any other chiropractor will give is a resounding “YES!”  Chiropractic can help with all those things, and many more.  Why?  What chiropractic does, on a fundamental level, is helps the nervous system connect with what is happening in the body and in the external environment more effectively.  In Network Spinal Analysis, we facilitate this connection through subtle touches or “contacts” around the spine.  These subtle contacts do an especially good job getting the body to stop and pay attention to what’s happening.

Here’s an experience you can probably relate to (whether in your own life, the life of a friend, in a movie, etc).  Something unexpectedly bad happens, such as you lose your job, your dog dies, or you have a health crisis.  Before you can stop to pick of the pieces, you get another piece of bad news.  And then something else bad happens.  You feel like you haven’t had time to deal with the first problem, let alone the second or third.  Soon you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, and anxious.  During times like these it is easy to retreat into over-eating, television, alcohol, and the like, because we feel so disconnected from the solutions we need.

Well, the same things happens in your body.  Your body has extremely complex and well integrated systems for maintaining balance and normal function.  But sometimes, especially with health problems, stress, and chronic pain the brain becomes disconnected to some of the things happening in our bodies, because it’s just become too overwhelming.  Through re-connecting your brain and body, as in Network Spinal Analysis, your body is able to start sorting out it’s challenges and taking inventory of it’s resources.

What does all this have to do with a colicky baby, allergies, headaches, etc?  Once your body has the tools it needs to take better inventory, it will begin directing it’s resources toward healing rather than toward defending itself against the perceived onslaught.  This is why any search of the literature on chiropractic will turn up dozens of case studies detailing  chiropractic patients’ improvements in nearly any conceivable health challenge– from diabetic retinopathy, to infertility, to scoliosis.  These improvements can happen as a natural consequence of the body becoming more connected and less overwhelmed by stress.

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