Change your posture, change your life!

We all know that you’re supposed to “sit up straight” and “stand with your head held high.”  But recent research shows that posture and body position are much more important than you might have guessed.

Dr. Mercola reported on research that hours spent sitting each day contributes to all sorts of problems and even decreases your lifespan!  This was even the case when the people researched also exercised.

Amy Cuddy researched the body language of “powerful people.”  She found that not only were certain body positions and postures perceived by others as conveying, power, confidence, competence, etc.  She also found that holding these body postures for as little as 2 minutes decreases stress hormones and increases testosterone.

You can watch Cuddy’s talk on TED here:

Whoa!  Most of us already know that doing yoga, for example, makes us feel better and more peaceful.  But did you ever think that how you hold your body is changing your body chemistry in every moment of your life?

Cuddy’s study suggests that body language and posture isn’t something that we do to “fake it” with potential employers or clients, or even something we do to “fake it until we make it” in ourselves.  The postures actually change your physiology, so that you are “faking it” until you become it.

The care I offer at New Day helps you achieve a more relaxed body posture and increased range of motion.  This occurs as a natural consequence of releasing patterns of defended posture through gentle care.  A more confident and powerful posture will create a more confident and powerful physiology.  Imagine what that change could bring into your life!
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