Did you make a “New Day Quote”?

If so, maybe you’ve already been featured in #newdayquotes and just don’t know it yet!
For the past few weeks we’ve been featuring tidbits of what’s being said by practice members at New Day on our Facebook page with the hashtag #newdayquotes.  Think of them as “mini-testimonials,” giving you a taste of some ways our care is benefitting our practice members.
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Here are some of the latest #newdayquotes:
 “Can I come in more than once a week? If its making me feel this good, I’ll want to come more often”
“I feel lighter!”
“I feel like I just had a mini-vacation!”
Dr Katie: “Feels like there’s some emotion here” Practice member: “Yeah, I just quit smoking.” Dr. Katie: “When!?” Practice member: “Just now, halfway through our session.”
Don’t see yours, but have a quote from a recent visit to see Dr. Katie?  Something you felt or noticed changing during or after your session?  Email us to let us know, and we’ll add you!  newdaynsa@gmail.com

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