Do I need to take a fish oil?


Hahaha!  I bet you didn’t expect me to answer that question in the first sentence of my blog!

NSA chiropractic care is the lifeblood of my wellness practice.   But it must be recognized that the tissues of the body cannot heal without proper nutrition.  I choose to focus on providing a small number of high quality supplements that are likely to be the most beneficial to the highest number of people.  And if I were able to recommend ONLY ONE supplement to my wellness members it would without a doubt be Omega 3 supplementation with a high quality fish oil.

Fish oil is not a new or fad supplement.  It has been even been recommended by mainstream and conventional health professionals for some years now.  By now you may have even forgotten about fish oil when it comes to your daily health routine.  But now is not the time to become blasé about fish oil!  Below I will highlight why Omega supplementation is so important, and why I am so excited to offer Innate Choice Omega Sufficiency to my wellness members.

Omega 3 supplements from fish oil have been well researched.  They have been shown to mitigate or completely reverse a slew of illnesses and conditions such as arthritis, Alzheimers, skin conditions, high blood pressure, cancer, depression, and many more.  More important than preventing or healing disease,  the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA are in fact a genetic REQUIREMENT for human health.  They are necessary for the proper functioning of the membranes in every cell in your body and for maintaining brain and blood vessel health.

Omega 3 fatty acids are called “essential” because your body does not produce them and they must be obtained through the food we eat.  They are naturally found in humanely raised, grass fed livestock, wild game, and in fatty fish.  Because of the crisis in modern farming (ie factory farms with grain fed animals), the nutritional profile of the meat we eat has taken a nose-dive.  Much of the meat available on the market today is actually quite damaging to your health.  Such meat, and the proliferation of processed foods, have added to our need for Omega 3 supplementation as they have skewed the necessary ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 in our diet.

It would be difficult to eat enough fish to be sufficient in Omega 3s.  Furthermore, because of the pollution of our oceans and waterways, eating a great deal of fish could put one at risk for mercury poisoning.

I will also point out that Omega 3 fatty acids CANNOT be obtained from plant sources, and most evidence suggests that the body is incapable of converting plant-based fatty acids into the ones we require.  See for more information.

Supplementation with a pure product that has been filtered of chemicals or pollution is absolutely necessary.  Innate Choice offers the highest quality, most pure fish oil on the market.  And most importantly, it tastes GREAT.  Many bargain brand fish oils come from low quality sources, are not properly filtered and purified, and have a fishy taste.  The fishy taste actually indicates that the oil is RANCID and will therefore be damaging to your health.  Fish oil should not taste fishy!

Innate Choice Omega Sufficiency gel caps have a light, natural strawberry kiwi flavoring and no fishy aftertaste.  I find them so delicious that I chew them instead of swallowing them, and I look forward to having them every morning!

Now that you have the knowledge and the great taste to look forward to, there should be no excuse to miss taking your daily omega 3 supplement.  Omega Sufficiency is available for purchase at New Day.  Pick some up on your next visit!

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