Ever wished you’d spoken up?

Ever wished you’d spoken up?

You had something to say, but kept it to yourself?

There’s a new way to share what matters to you at New Day!
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Great morning, New Day!

Have you ever had the experience of having something on your mind, but at the time it felt like more trouble to share it than to keep your mouth shut?

As a person who spent a significant amount of her life in a classroom setting, it’s a feeling I had often.  Often the person who spoke up in class was looked upon as a show-off or a time-waster. Most of us can probably think of a time when someone else’s contribution to a group setting felt like a burden or an unwanted distraction.  Most of us would never want to be THAT person!

And so we go through life.  We go out of our way to arrange things online or by email to avoid potentially awkward or time consuming interactions, keeping all our contributions as straight to the point as possible, so as to save time and trouble.

Then comes the day when you start care at New Day, and it might have struck you as strange or interesting to find out that you would be receiving care in an open adjusting room– with other people!

You may have worried, “won’t this be awkward!?”

What if other people distract me?  Or worse.  What if it turns out that I am a distraction to others?

Most of us were able to get over our initial discomfort with being part of a group within a few visits, and were able to get to the point where we can fully relax and focus on our healing.

But what should you do if there is some sort of change that it would be best to share with me?  A recent accident or new injury?  A change in a life situation?  A change in diagnosis from a medical doctor or insights from another healing practitioner?  A recent improvement or an “aha!” on your healing journey?

Our regular sessions aren’t the time for long discussions between us; the time just isn’t set up that way.  Session hours are meant to maximize efficiency for all of us.  For you, we want to get you in, get your nervous system adjusted, and get you back out to enjoying your life.  If your every session were meant to be lengthy, it would be difficult to include Network Care as part of your weekly routine for wellness.

For me, I need to be able to focus and be in the flow with the work I do with practice members during regular adjusting hours.  Sure, we might share a few words about our lives, but beyond that is just not part of the formula.

But we want you to be empowered to share news of your ups and downs on your healing journey with me at any time during your care.  That’s why we’ve created the “Ouches and Smiles” form, available for you in the front office.

How it works

Let’s say you come in for a session of care with something on your mind and you feel like you should share it.  Maybe yesterday you hurt your knee and you want to make sure I know about it.  You will grab our “Ouches and Smiles” form in the front office and write down what you want to tell me, and bring it in with you to your session.  Then, when you come in for your session you can have your form in hand, and hand it to me before we begin your session.  That way you can make sure that I know your updates and concerns, and I can have awareness around these things as I work with you.  It may be something we discuss briefly during your visit, and/or it may necessitate a phone call or email to follow up.  And it will help us to have a record of your changes for your file.

It’s that simple!

We are excited to debut this system next week!  Amber and Diane will make sure you know what to do.  Keep in mind that there may be days when you have nothing new to share, and that’s OK.  The important thing to know is that the option is available to you, to keep the lines of communication open and make sure that I am serving you to my highest ability.

Have a wonderful day, and I am excited to see you for your next session of care.

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