Ever wonder if and how you’re undoing your adjustments between visits?

Ever wonder if and how you’re undoing your adjustments between visits?



Getting the most out of Network Spinal


Good afternoon, shiny New Day 🙂

I see it over and over again.  You’re new in the practice.  Starting care.  And you’re super motivated to have Network Spinal be THE THING that makes a difference for you right now.

Therefore you come to all your adjustments.  You watch the video I send you.  You read the newsletters.  You come to the workshops.

And you have a lot of questions for me.  “What should I be doing or NOT doing to get the most out of my care?”

Later on, after you are confident that the care process is indeed helping you, you may become a bit more blase.  This is when we might think we have it all figured out.

That workshop?  “Haven’t I been to that one already?”  Or, “I’ll have to check my schedule.”

None of this is to scold you or anyone.  It’s just to recognize a fundamental fact that we are not all always going to be maximally engaged all the time.  For most of us, it’s when we experience something as new that we are the most engaged and participate most.

Other times, we might be in a comfortable routine with how we experience something, a routine that works just fine for us.  There is a season to just relax and enjoy how well something works to support us in our health and lives.

BUT.  There are also seasons when we are ready for MORE.  That’s what our Bright Souls Gatherings are all about.



Whether you are a practice member who identifies as a leader, someone who participates and contributes, and someone who wants MORE, or you find that you at a point in your care and life when you could use added energy and perspective, our next Bright Souls Gathering is for you!

Because even after we get to the point where Network Spinal and New Day are no longer “new” to us, WE change.  If you’re doing care and life right, ideally you’re learning and growing in the process.

You might want to give yourself the opportunity to engage with your care process as the person you are now, the whole new you, rather than who you were when we met.  It’s called “New Day”– not “Old Day” 🙂

Next Wednesday’s Bright Souls Gathering is on the topic, “What should I be doing or not doing to get the most out of my care?”  The conversation  is great for newcomers and more experienced practice members.

Come learn from Dr. Katie, other practice members, and share your own experiences.

RSVP for the May 8th Bright Souls Gathering at 6:30PM by clicking here!

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