Gentle Chiropractic for Pets FAQ

In response to the many questions we have been getting about chiropractic and pets, I have created this FAQs sheet.  Enjoy!

Q:  Why would pets benefit from chiropractic?

A:  Pets have spines too!  And chiropractic is all about care of the spine and the nervous system for optimal health

Q:  Is it painful?

A:  No.  All of Dr. Katie‘s work for human and pet animals is 100 percent gentle.  Rather than forcefully manipulate the bones of the spine to restore joint alignment, she instead uses gentle, precise touches that cue the brain and the nervous system to make it’s own changes.  These techniques are safe, effective, and can be more sustainable over the long term.

Q:  My pet has _________ (disease).  Could chiropractic help with that?

A:  Chiropractic does not have as a goal to treat any disease or pain condition.  However, by restoring proper functioning to the nervous system, changes or improvements in disease manifestations may occur.

Q:  My pet has _________ (disease).  Is it too late for chiropractic to do any good?

A:  No.  As in humans, whether it’s a healthy 6 month old baby, or a 70 year old with metastatic cancer, both need a well functioning nervous system.  The nervous system regulates the entire body and controls the healing process.

Q:  Do the animals like it?

A:  Yes.  Pets tend to enjoy the attention to their spines, and most likely can feel that this work is meant to help them.

Testimonial from cat-mom Trish T.:

“My cat Karl-Oskar is 14 years old and quite arthritic. Katie Ray treated him and it was immediately apparent how much better he felt. She is very caring and gentle, and is the 1st person outside of the family to get away with touching him on his back near the tail. He is also blind, and usually “on guard” with new people. With Katie he just seemed to understand that she wanted to help him and he laid down, completely relaxed and trusting during the treatment.”

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