Have you ever had a “bad” session of care?

I recently had the pleasure of attending The Transformational Gate in Westminster, Colorado.  The “Gate” is where anyone in Network Care, practitioners and practice members alike, come for a weekend fully devoted to experiencing a transformational, life-altering healing.  This time I was also honored to be attending with one of our very own, practice member Julianne!

As usual, the experience moved from peaceful and relaxing to emotional, to energizing, to spiritually aligning, and more– sometimes within minutes!  I was reminded more than ever of how amazing this work is that we are a part of, and how incredible it is that we were all lucky enough to come across this way of experiencing our bodies and life anew, this way of connecting to ourselves, others, and the planet.

My Session with Donny

I had many new and interesting learning experiences at this most recent Gate.  There’s one you might find especially interesting.

Donny Epstein himself was slated to work on me for my 3rd session of care (out of 6).  Now, Donny Epstein is the creator of Network Care, and is internationally recognized as a wizard of healing.  Do you think I was excited for this session? (DUH!)

Due to the timing of things, I had to wait a VERY long time for this session.  In fact, the room had almost cleared out and Donny was walking about the room, talking to his grandchildren and others, when he realized he needed to work with me.  

It felt like the worst care I had ever had

I started the session patient, smiling, excited, and ended the session agitated, annoyed, and almost crying.  How was this possible?  How was it possible for Donny, the creator of Network Care, to give me a bad session? Or maybe there was something wrong with me?  I felt in turmoil.

The learning for me came the next day after my 5th session when I was able to recontextualize what I had experienced.  I began to see that the me who experienced the experience of the day before was the me who needs recognition, acknowledgment, and to feel “special.”  This version of me (a version most of us have) is the version I needed to have a breakthrough in healing my relationship with.  

As usual, it all worked out for the best.  I was re-remind of what I often tell my practice members. The care is a process, and it’s additive. That experience triggered something in me that didn’t feel positive at the time, but was actually part of my healing.

There were many other healing “aha’s” for me over the course of the weekend, and the experience of seeing Julianne’s spine transforming through the weekend was incredible too!

If you love Network Care and you’re ready to have a life-changing weekend, I hope you consider coming to the next Gate!  The next Transformational Gate takes place February 12th-15th 2016 in Westminster Colorado.  The more New Day practice members, the merrier 😉

Have you ever had a “bad” session of care?  What came out of that?  I would love to hear your story.  Comment below!

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