Introducing our Practice Member of the Month for May 2019!

May 2019


We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!

We honor you this month and thank you for being both a part of our amazing New Day community!


Tina O. has been in care with Dr. Katie since February 2018


Why I came to New Day:  

I am a complete chiropractic conversion story! I avoided chiropractors like the plague as I spent 7 years as an injury claims adjuster for car accidents. I was responsible for hiring medical experts to refute chiropractor’s testimony in court. So when coming to support long-time practice member, and all-around fabulous human Julie Breckenfelder as she co-hosted a networking event, the last thing I thought is that I’d become a card carrying member of the New Day fan club!

At the time, I was doing intuitive energy healing work and had been receiving it for a few years so I thought I had my bases covered. I didn’t even realize I had low-level constant soreness on the right side of my back from scoliosis I didn’t even know was there – I was so used to it. When I first met with Dr. Katie every part of me wanted to say “no” to starting care but my soul was screaming “YES,” and I’m so glad I listened.

My chiropractic results:

One of the most interesting aspects of my journey with Network Care is what it has taught me about embodiment on the spiritual journey. Most of us have experienced trauma, whether it’s as simple as being conditioned to not express emotion or something much more complex, trauma causes us to energetically leave our bodies. What the adjustments and SRI have done for me is brought me back into my body, aligned my nervous system, and taught me a way to experience energy release somatically. I have come to believe that a combination of ways to move energy including somatically, through energy healing, and through verbalization make for a happy set of levers that can be pulled depending upon the situation, the stage, and what is for our highest good in any given moment.

Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

The community, the care, and the journey! I love the permission that New Day gives for being open, emotionally honest, and the encouragement to step into our best lives. New Day feels like a family where we come together to take care of ourselves, release what no longer serves, and expand into what is new and possible. And of course, my very favorite is letting it fly in Stage 3 SRI, because in any other environment we would be considered crazy!


  • Tina O., Chicago, IL



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