Reminder about upcoming closures; I’m going on vacation, y’all!

Reminder about upcoming closures

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I’m going on vacation, y’all!

Great morning, practice members and New Day community!

I wanted to take a moment to remind you about some upcoming closures and days that Dr. Virginia will be covering the practice.

We have had so much going on at New Day lately– we’ve literally been bursting with energy and aliveness.

In addition to having had one of the most packed SRI with Essential Oils workshops we’ve ever had (we’re going to need to start having these workshops more often!), we have our Bright Souls Gathering this Wednesday night and BEMER Day on Thursday from 10AM-1PM.

And as some of you know, this flurry of activity is being capped off for me by a vacation– I’m going to Aruba for a week, starting THIS Friday!!

I’ve never been on a tropical vacation like this, and so I am SUPER excited.


I have been very touched by the happiness and excitement some of you have already expressed that I am going on this trip.  Thank you for taking an interest in my health and happiness!

Suffice it to say, taking a break like this to re-charge will significantly contribute to my continued ability to be energy rich in service to our community.

The office will be closed this Saturday, March 16th.  We will be open next Monday and Tuesday March 18th and 19th with Dr. Virginia working in the practice.  We will be closed again Thursday, March 21st and Saturday, March 23rd.

When I come back, we will be full-steam ahead in preparing to celebrate our upcoming Practice Member Appreciation Day.

At the Appreciation Day, like last year, we will be having a celebration and open house to celebrate our practice members and their families and friends.

Like last year, we will be honoring some of New Day’s brightest lights by adding their likenesses to the wall inside the adjusting room.  But more on that later (this is just a teaser for you to save the date!).

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