When you slip. . .

When you slip. . .

You slide?


Greetings and salutations, New Day community!

Have you ever noticed how when you start to slip, you never know it at the time? It’s only something you can see when you look back over the days and weeks.

And suddenly it’s crystal clear.  You see it.  That moment you started to slip.  And it all started going downhill.

I had an experience of this recently, when I began to realize that I hadn’t been working out as much as usual.

Now, if you know me very well, you know that I am a staunch advocate and enthusiast of physical exercise!  And not just physical exercise, but making it a habit to exercise often and to challenge oneself in one’s workouts.  The effects on physical, emotional, and mental health, and just the energy you are able to bring to life are undeniable– both as seen in research, and in my own life experience.

I was still working out, mind you, which made it even more difficult to notice what was happening.  Anybody from the outside looking in, comparing me to what the average person is doing, would have thought everything looked fine, if not great!  But gradually I was working out less, and justifying it more.

“But I couldn’t have worked out any more than I did this week! ” I would think to myself.  “I was so busy!”  And then, when I would go to exercise, and find myself not doing my typical, more challenging workouts.  “But I haven’t worked out in 3 days!  And my knees and feet have been hurting!  So I’ll take it easy today.”

And so it went.  The less I worked out and the less vigorously I worked out, the more sensible it seemed to work out less and do less challenging workouts.

When we’re in this kind of cycle, it can be SO hard to notice what’s happening as it’s happening.  As Donny Epstein, creator of Network Spinal and SRI would point out, the slide from an Energy Rich existence into Energy Neutral and Energy Poor one is accompanied by an entire shift in physiology, emotions, thoughts, and way of showing up in life that is marked by decrease and breakdown.  Even when we get aware of a problem, we get stuck sometimes considering the problem from the energy level at which the problem was created (which will NEVER contain the solution).

And so for a little while, I noticed this problem but felt stuck in it.  “But now, my foot hurts too much to run!”  “But now, if I go to Orange Theory I’m due to pay for another package of visits, and I’m saving so much money by not going!  I’m already a member of 2 gyms, I don’t need Orange Theory too.  I need to be reasonable.”

I was finally jarred awake on Friday, when I felt so amazingly sluggish that I could barely get anything done at all.  Trying to get work done was like trying to get work done under water.  I felt despair thinking of how much work I needed to do, and at the slow rate that I was working, how there wasn’t enough time in the world to do it.  In desperation, I went out for a short run around our Lincoln Square neighborhood, feeling painful, sluggish, and downright energy poor all the while.

The “desperation run” didn’t seem to help me that day.  But something interesting happened after that.  I woke up the next morning with a fresh awareness.  For me to be living true to my values, I need to be a leader in my life.  And that means, acting according to who I know myself to be– energized, hard working, and with plenty of time for what’s important to me and plenty of bandwith for being a loving person to those around me.

I woke up, channeled my inner Tony Robbins, bought the package I needed for Orange Theory, scheduled the workout, went, and now feel amazing.  Amazing because I feel like the person I know myself to be, once again!

Why am I telling you all of this?  To make a point about the choices we make in taking care of ourselves.  We are all going to slip (and slide) sometimes.  And sometimes by the time we do, we’ve wasted untold hours in sub-optimal physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, and we’ve wasted numerous opportunities in life stuck in the energy poor-to-energy-neutral morass.

When it comes to your spinal health, we don’t want this to happen to you.  This is why at New Day we consider care for your spine and nervous system a choice that you make, and a structure that you create in your life to do regularly, NOT just by the time it seems obvious that there’s a problem (when you’ve likely already been under-functioning for days, weeks, or months!).  Because the “desperation adjustment,” like the “desperation run” I told you about, doesn’t always do the trick ;)***

Choosing Network Spinal as an essential part of your health and wellbeing also impacts you in who you know yourself to be in the process.  Someone who structures their life to create abundant health, vitality, energy, and productivity.  Someone who is a leader in their own life, and indeed to those around them.

You inspire me!  I look forward to seeing you for your care this week <3

***Speaking of inspiration, I have a post script to my share about my “desperation run.”  One of our New Day practice members shared with me at her adjustment on Saturday morning that she actually saw me out on that run the day prior as I ran down Wilson.  She told me that she used to feel angry and annoyed at the sight of people outside running in the morning, resenting them while half-wishing she were one of them.  But, most likely as a result of her own healing process and the choices she’s currently making, the sight of me running brought her sudden happiness.  She said it made her think, about me, “Look at her!  She brings joy to everything she does! Even running!”  Needless to say, I was AMAZED that the sight of me that day when I felt like I was hitting rock bottom was bringing happiness into anyone’s life.  And it’s a testament to the energized perception of the one observing, as well as an important reminder of the impact that we all have on our communities in our choices.

Do you have any experiences of slipping, and/or sliding, in your care at New Day or otherwise, that you would be willing to share?  Please comment below!

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