Fat doesn’t make you fat– it’s sugar!

This morning Dr. Mercola published yet another polemic on how sugar is making us fat and literally killing us.  The highlights of the article were:

–By 2030 50 percent of Americans will be obese

–Obesity contributes to likelihood of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes

–A good way to find out if you are obese is to check a waist-circumference/height chart

–There is now even more new evidence that links fructose consumption to obesity

An interesting bit of research he threw in came from a German study in which overweight and normal children were tested for their ability to discern different degrees of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory flavors.  The results were that the overweight kids demonstrated decreased ability to taste these differences.

We don’t know the mechanism, but my guess would be that the more sugar you eat, the less your taste-buds develop.  This phenomenon would help explain why the more sugar people eat, the more they seem to want– sugar dulls your taste and decreases your appreciation for other foods.  Scary!

If you’re hooked on sugar, it is extremely important that you take the first step in weaning yourself off of it.  I recommend replacing the worst offenders in your diet with fruits, honey, and natural maple syrup.  Make these the only sugars you consume, and after you meet that goal that take further steps to limit the amount of sugar per day and limit yourself to fruits with a low glycemic index.

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