It’s not me. It’s you! Really!!

Am I really the healer?

I’ve been getting a lot of lovely praise and compliments lately from you, my wonderful practice members and friends.  And I appreciate your sweet words and how much the care means to you in your life.  However, during this time I have become increasingly aware that I need to make sure that YOU know that YOU’RE the one doing the healing.

That’s right.  It’s not me.  It’s you!  The reason chiropractic in general, and Network Care specifically, is so revolutionary is that I don’t get to fix you, change you, or even make you feel better. This work connects you to your source, the power within, and when you’re connected you don’t need to be corrected!

Did you know that you are a master healer?  You are!  Every moment of every day, cells in your body are breaking down, dying, rebuilding, and duplicating.  About every 7 years the cells in your body have all turned over and are completely new!

But if your nervous system isn’t functioning as it should, if things are connecting, releasing, and transforming, the cells of your body may be new, but you will still feel the same.  The hardware is new, but the software is the same.  And the software controls the hardware!  That’s where I come in.  I help upgrade your operating system so that all those new cells in your body will work together so that you can be a new and better you.  I’m just the facilitator.

Next time you marvel at how great you feel on the table or after a session, remember it’s YOU doing it!

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